Damage to household accessories is a heartbreak almost every homeowner has to go through.

And the hurt multiplies when the wear and tear extend to one of the most celebrated accessories of your home – the swimming pool.

From being an aesthetic centerpiece to all your backyard activities to being the place to wind down and relax,  a swimming pool can be quite versatile.

But ever so often the daily wear and tear and the lack of maintenance can lead to your pool getting damaged. And in most cases, pool plastering or pool remodeling might just be the only way out.

This is precisely where we come in

And if you’re a resident of Oak Park, then you probably know that there are a lot of Oak Park Swimming Pool Remodeling and cleaning agencies that are up for service.

pool remodel and repair expert

But we at Valley Pool Plaster are here today to convince you as to why we are one of the best amongst the lot.

So, sit back and read along.

What prompts an immediate pool renovation?

But before you pick up the phone and give your Oak Park Pool Remodeling serviceman a call (preferably us), you need to look for signs which determine that a pool remodeling is absolutely necessary.

The most noticeable of them all will probably be leakage and tile corrosion, but there are other signs as well, which homeowners often miss out. So, here are some of the most noteworthy:

Progressive reduction in the pool water level

A sudden drop in the water level is perhaps one of the most alarming signs of pool damage, which needs immediate professional care like pool plaster service. The cause for this reduction can be due to faulty plumbing and leakage through the internal structures, which a simple DIY pool treatment may not solve.

Damaged pool mechanisms

By pool mechanisms, we are primarily referring to the filters, the water pump, and the plumbing. As time passes by, constant wear and tear can corrode these structures and lead to the complete damage of these parts.

This, as a result, can cause leakage or even worse, stagnant water that forms a breeding ground for bacteria and algae.

Damaged pool floor

The tiles of the pool floor are always the first to get damaged. As they are the primary recipients of the impact of chemical corrosion and dirt accumulation, they often tend to stain and break, leaving your pool unusable.

Your pool needs a new look

Tired of your traditional pool structure and design? Well, a complete overhaul and remodeling of your old pool can just be the best way to go.

And we have a variety of designs that you can choose from, which are sure to add a little funk in all of your deckside social events.

Drab poolside accessories

Deckside accessories have been growing in popularity in the last few years. From adding a water slide to fountains and jacuzzis, there a lot of ways in which you can make your deck look even more attractive.

What we at Valley Pool Plaster can do for you

Pool remodeling is by no means easy, and as an Oak Park Pool Remodelling Company we strive to provide our customers with the best service money can buy. So, if your pool is in dire need of a remodeling, these are the following that you can look forward to when you hire us:

Total excavation of damaged part

To start off, we assess the damage done to the existing structure and appropriately remove the corroded parts.

swimming pool excavation

This step usually takes a day or two, and in case if we have to remodel your pool or extend its boundaries completely, we might have to excavate a large part of the yard grass and soil. The process might take a day longer in that case.

Setting in the pool framework

After we finish the excavation, a steel crew will construct the skeleton of the required parts. This will form the base shape and structure of your new pool.

But, if we find the structural integrity of the older pool is damaged, then we might have to reinstall new frameworks throughout.

New pool plumbing and filters

Majority of the time we would be replacing your existing plumbing mechanisms and the filters. We will also make sure that the plumbing is pressure tested and the electricals meet the state code.

For filters, we provide sand, cartridge, and D.E, and we will install the one which best suits your pool and needs.

Applying the gunite

Gunite, which is cement, will be applied to the pool skeleton by an experienced team. This concrete is a unique dry mix to which water is added onsite. The exact amount of water is accurately controlled to create the most robust inner shell for your remodeled pool.

Layering pool tiles and coping

Now that we have the final structure set in, we then start decorating your pool according to your choice and taste. From stone tiles to ceramics and mosaics we have a vast and unique collection of decorative design that you can choose from.

swimming pool tiles design

And if you are looking for amazing deck side attractions, we have a collection of that as well.

Creating the pool deck

The pool deck is one of the most critical aspects, which grants the pool a majority of its aesthetic appeal. And we have a collection of deck designs that you can choose from; custom stone and stamped concrete would be the most recommended.

swimming pool deck design

When we set in the deck, we would also be installing the deckside accessories like fire pits or fountains (based to your liking).

Final step

This final plastering step is probably the hardest. This is what makes your remodeled pool the talk of the town.

Hence, it’s a process that must be done with meticulous precision. Plastering ensures that your pool stays beautiful with a long-lasting gloss.

Only after the plaster sets, do we cure it and adjust the chemicals of the pool, and make it ready for use.

Happy swimming!

Oak Park Pool Remodeling service is indeed something that we are the best at. And we hope that our guide today was able to convince you as to why we consider ourselves one of the top Oak Park Pool Remodeling Company.