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Bordered by Woodland Hills in the south and Chatsworth in the north, Canoga Park is well known for its ethnically diverse population and scenic locales.

Likewise, it’s also known for experiencing hot and arid summers. Due to this hot-summer Mediterranean climate, a swimming pool becomes something of a must-have. It’s precisely for this reason that Valley Pool Plaster is always at your service in the Canoga Park Area.

Pool Services We Offer

For any pool related job in Canoga Park, Valley Pool Plaster is your go-to service provider. From pool replastering services that make your swimming area shine to complete pool remodeling jobs, we make it all happen. This is the same exact way we take care of our services in other places like our Winnetka pool remodeling projects.

At Valley Pool Plaster, we offer stellar Canoga Park pool remodeling services. We guarantee that once you’ve experienced the level of expertise that Valley Pool Plaster has to offer, you won’t dream of going anywhere else.

Why Valley Pool Plaster?

If you’re a pool owner or are about to become one, then the one thing you should know is that pools demand more than expertise. Performing the perfect Canoga Park pool remodeling requires a combination of experience, professionalism, and above all, passion.

Thankfully, at Valley Pool Plaster, we have it all. With a decade of experience in pool remodel and all associated jobs, we are a family of professionals who care about your pool. When you opt for a Canoga Park pool plaster or pool resurfacing job with us, you can be sure that you’re getting the very best for your pool.

Valley Pool Plaster Canoga Park Pool Services

Once a pool has been installed, most homeowners make the mistake of thinking that it’ll last forever. This is a sheer misconception, and we’d like to clear your mind of it.
Your swimming pool has to remain in constant contact with water that is often chlorinated. Due to the naturally abrasive nature of water, your pool surface undergoes significant wear and tear.

This results in the pool plaster chipping away at places. When this happens, it not only harms the aesthetics of your pool but may also be the harbinger of more significant damage, both to the pool structure and you.

If you find your pool showing signs such as staining that’s becoming difficult to remove or rough surface texture, then it’s time for a pool replastering job. And if your pool is leaking as well, then we suggest you get a pool remodeling done. The following are some of the steps that we usually take for resurfacing your pool.

Draining The Pool

Any Canoga Park pool resurfacing job begins with draining the pool. It’s suggested that you get the job done before the swimming pool has to be filled for the summer. Draining the pool requires the use of a sump-pump, which can remove the water altogether out of the pool. It’s only when the pool is entirely water-free that we move onto the next step.

Cleaning The Surface

Once the draining has been taken care of, we then proceed to clean the pool. This is an essential step in any pool replastering or pool resurfacing job. Care must be taken to make the surface free of any dirt, dust, and debris, as the presence of contaminants can harm your new pool plaster. After this has been done, we acid wash the pool for complete cleaning.

Preparing The Surface

By now, we are well into your Canoga Park pool resurfacing job. This is the step where we ensure the structural integrity of your pool structure. Then the pool surface is made free from any damaged material in order to receive the new surface coating.

We also locate and patch up any small holes or cracks that exist. The type of patching we use is, of course, determined by the style of the pool.

Priming The Surface

Here, we prime the pool surface with a primer epoxy compound that is suitable for your pool type. The primer forms the base on which your new pool surface is going to be applied. This is an important step, and it’s essential to be thorough and cover every inch of the surface, because any gaps can lead to poor results. After the primer dries off, the resurfacing begins.

Finishing The Surface

Now you can select, and we can install the kind of surface that you require. You can either go with a painted surface or opt for tiles that are installed by our expert masons. As in the other steps, here too, you have the final say regarding every detail down to the grout color.

Filling The Pool

Once the surface material has been installed successfully, we wrap up the process by cleaning up and refilling your pool. You can also choose to have initial water treatment done at this stage.

And that’s it! Your Canoga Park pool resurfacing job is done to perfection. On that note, do remember that here at Valley Pool plaster, we never compromise with our work. Whether it’s chipping away at the pool plaster meticulously or undertaking a complete pool remodel task, we are experts you can rely on.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that our patrons look to us as the best Canoga Park pool plaster specialists. Whether it’s a pool remodeling you’re in the market for or looking to get a simple pool replastering, we are there to take care of it all.

Unlike other Canoga Park pool remodeling companies, we take pride in a customer-first approach. Our billing cycles are customer friendly and transparent. Plus, we also take care to involve you in every step of the way. By doing so, we ensure that the outcome is to your liking.

So don’t wait till it’s too late. Contact Valley Pool Plaster today! After all, your pool is the gem of your house, and with the right care, you can transform it into the pride of the neighborhood.