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Flanked by Northridge and Winnetka, Reseda is one of the San Fernando Valley locations that have captured the popular imagination. If you’re a resident of this vibrant neighborhood, then having a swimming pool on your property is a must.

And there’s no better option than Valley Pool Plaster to turn your dreams of that perfect pool into a reality. This is how we take care of our projects even from other areas like our Van Nuys pool remodeling service. Just contact us today and watch the magic of our Reseda pool remodeling services.

Pool Services We Offer

Pool remodeling may be our specialty, but we also excel at other related services such as pool replastering and pool resurfacing. We have over ten years of experience in the field, and this allows us to have a unique insight regarding all things pools.

When you call in Valley Pool Plaster, you don’t have to worry about anything except how you’re going to keep your pool from becoming a local swimming destination, that is.

Why Valley Pool Plaster?

When it comes to Reseda pool plaster companies, there are two types of organizations doing business. The first category belongs to the wannabes who are yet to make their mark in the pool plaster business. These are the services that you’d want to avoid.

With Valley Pool Plaster, you get services from pool remodel experts that belong to a different league. Our teams of industry-vetted professionals have demonstrated experience in all aspects of swimming pool resurfacing and replastering.

Valley Pool Plaster is a tightly knit business that views customers as a natural extension of the family. When you give us a job to do, we handle it not only with professional acuity, but with the heart of a near-and-dear one.

Valley Pool Plaster Reseda Pool Services

When going for a Reseda Pool remodeling, it’s essential to keep your expectations clear. Many homeowners opt for pool remodeling services, only to find that this is not what they needed at all.

At Valley Pool Plaster, we provide complete guidance regarding the kind of Reseda pool plaster service that you need. It may be that you only need a simple pool resurfacing. On the other hand, if we find that the pool requires a complete overhaul, only then do we proceed with pool remodeling services.
In short, whatever the needs of your pool, we make it clear to you before embarking on the task. Also, we inform you about the common after-effects of the pool remodel process. The following are some of these explained in minute details.

Superficial Cracks

After the pool replastering or remodeling has been completed, you may notice some minute cracks along the surface of the pool. These are usually concentrated along the topmost steps of the pool.

Don’t be alarmed by the presence of these cracks; they are only to be expected. As these are the last parts of the pool to be filled with water, the cracks appear as a result of premature drying.

Rest assured that these cracks will not widen to become significant fissures in your pool plaster. Also, recognize these are utterly insignificant in nature, and will not harm the aesthetics of your pool in any way.

Recurrent Stains

Often, you might think that just because you’ve had a complete pool replastering done, your pool will never be dirty again. This is a severe misconception that can lead to erroneous conclusions.

The truth is, every pool develops stains over time. In fact, staining on pool surfaces is considered to be part of the process that gives it a unique character. As you use your pool, a variety of materials such as dirt, leaves, and other refuse will gather along the pool surface.

In case you see this happening with your pool after a pool plaster job, don’t get alarmed. These are regular happenings, and the stains can easily be removed using techniques such as acid washing.

Dislodged Pebbles

This is one of the most common after-effects of a pool resurfacing job. If you have a pebble-based pool surface, this means you’re dealing with thousands of carefully arranged rocks. Of these, some can get dislodged and fall to the bottom of the pool.

Don’t feel ill at ease by this; it’s nothing unnatural. In fact, pool experts consider this to be a part of the normal pool curing process. Only if you find the pebbles coming off the pool plaster at an alarming rate should you seek the help of Reseda pool remodeling services.

Coppery Stains

Have you recently noticed greenish stains on your brand new pool plaster? Don’t worry, as this is nothing to be afraid of. Most likely, you have copper plumbing attached to your pool. Copper can often deposit as green stains on the pool walls, and this is what you’re probably seeing.

Chemical treatments can easily remove such stains. In case you have light-colored pool plaster, these might become an eyesore. But for darker hues, no one might notice them at all.

Difference Between Samples And The Real Thing

When you choose a surface for any pool, you’re usually looking at a basic sample. After the pool resurfacing is done, the results may appear somewhat different than what you saw earlier.

Due to factors such as troweling and the broader area of application, the surface material may take on a lighter texture. This makes it appear somewhat different than the sample you viewed. However, trust that your pool plaster service provided you with the real thing.

Make Your Pool The Pride Of Reseda

Call in the professionals at Valley Pool Plaster today! Our experts have the skills and know-how to make your swimming pool the most stunning destination in the Reseda area. When you employ us, you get more than complete Reseda pool resurfacing services. So give a shout out to Valley Pool Plaster today and get your pool elevated to the next level.