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The neighborhood of West Hills in California offers a laid-back atmosphere where backyard pools can be considered a necessity. Valley Pool Plaster offers professional quality West Hills pool resurfacing services to help you with your pool remodeling needs.

Call us at Valley Pool Plaster to find out how our swimming pool solutions can help you with your next pool remodel project.

Pool Services We Offer

Here at Valley Pool Plaster, we specialize in pool services that will help you improve your pool’s interior and exterior finishes. We offer custom West Hills pool resurfacing and West Hills pool plaster services and use only the best raw materials in carrying out our projects. We offer risk-free swimming pool solutions through our pool replastering and pool resurfacing services. We stand by our word in earning the trust of our customers, which is why we do not ask for upfront payment and deposit. You will only pay after each of your pool remodeling steps are complete. Our goal as a company is to earn your business and your trust.

We believe in honest and ethical business and value long-term relationships, and we believe that it’s what sets us apart from other pool professionals in the industry. If you need help with your West Hills pool remodeling project, we at Valley Pool Plaster are the team to call.

Why Valley Pool Plaster?

Valley Pool Plaster is one of the most trusted professionals in the business. With years of experience under our belt, we know just exactly how to handle any project. We specialize in pool resurfacing and pool replastering services that not only look good, but also last long. Just check our latest Woodland Hills pool remodeling project. Our goal is to provide our customers with services that make their pool stand out.

We do not only have the passion to help pool owners with pool remodeling, but we also have the necessary skills to get the job done. Our team is made up of licensed individuals who are also bonded and insured. They are backed by years of field experience working on swimming pool remodel projects in various locations, completing an average of 50 to 100 pool projects annually. Valley Pool Plaster gets the job done and we do it right.

Valley Pool Plaster West Hills Pool Services

We’re proud to serve the neighborhood of West Hills through our pool replastering and pool remodel solutions. We offer the best West Hills pool remodeling services that do not disappoint. We at Valley Pool Plaster are known for our custom pool designs that transform old and dilapidated ponds to stunning aquatic havens. We see the potential in every backyard and we’re sure to bring out the best in yours.

If you want to know more about our West Hills pool remodeling and West Hills pool plaster services, we’ll let you in on some of the things that happen during these undertakings. These are the common steps in pool remodeling with focus on pool plastering.

1. Project Planning

We at Valley Pool Plaster believe that the key to a smooth pool project is proper planning. For most swimming pool remodeling services, the entirety of the undertaking may last anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. That’s because the remodeling project is usually a combination of different other services like pool resurfacing and pool plastering, as well as the replacement of old pool coping and tiles. In some cases, a pool remodel project will also require the installation of new pool equipment, underground copper to PVC conversions, splitting of main drains to adhere to your local safety codes, and even updating your pool’s electrical. That said, the process of remodeling a pool involves various other services that must be properly planned should you want to have your pool remodeled just in time for the pool season.

Here at Valley Pool Plaster, we make sure that we keep you updated with the progress of the swimming pool remodeling project as it is our goal to work with your every step of the way.

2. Pool Draining

Once you’ve approved the plans for remodeling your pool, our crew will begin working on it as soon as possible. The first step is to drain the swimming pool area, as one of the most crucial parts of remodeling the pool is updating its interior. Draining the pool gives us access to the pool walls, the pool floor, and the lights that are submerged underwater. We will begin removing the old interior and preparing the concrete for the installation of the updated interior you’ve selected.

3. Removing the Old Interior

Valley Pool Plaster uses the chip out method when removing the old pool interior, since it allows us to remove more of the old plaster and expose more of the concrete to ensure better adhesion when we apply the new pool interior.

4. Installing the New Interior

Using the design and the type of material you’ve approved, our crew will start applying the new interior and will wait for it to cure.

5. Pool Startup

Once the pool is set, we can fill your pool with water and balance the chemicals in it to help keep the pool water in pristine condition and to help your maintain your new pool interior.

Other remodeling steps include updating the pool’s exterior, which is often achieved through pool deck remodeling. Valley Pool Plaster takes a holistic approach in pool remodeling. We can also remodel your pool deck, which will not only make your pool stand out, but will also provide you with a renovated place to stay when you’re out of the water. We specialize in installing swimming pool exterior finishes to match that of your pool interior.

During the pool remodeling process, we can also help you install and repair other pool features, like the pool drain and the pool filter. Additionally, Valley Pool Plaster can help you with installing and repairing water features to make your pool a fun and a safe place to swim. Contact Valley Pool Plaster today and talk to us about your next swimming pool remodeling project.