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Located between the valleys and the seas, Thousand Oaks boasts lush greens and open spaces that make for the perfect backdrop for a private piscina. Nothing beats staying at home in your Thousand Oaks property soaking up the sun. That said, a beautiful swimming pool to match a background as grand as the Conejo Mountain is as much a necessity as the pool itself.

Here at Valley Pool Plaster, we make swimming pools worthy of an Instagram post happen.

Services We Offer

For us at Valley Pool Plaster, swimming pool construction is more than a calling; it’s our passion. That said, we provide the best swimming pool services in the Thousand Oaks area including pool building and pool remodeling. We can breathe new life into your old swimming pool or even give it the complete transformation befitting of the panoramic landscape Thousand Oaks have to offer. Valley Pool Plaster lets you redecorate and renovate your pools like no other pool pros can.

Why Valley Pool Plaster?

Remodeling your swimming pool takes more than a queer eye for the latest swimming pool trend and fashion. Here at Valley Pool Plaster, we are backed with licensed professionals who have years of expert field experience doing their roles as swimming pool professionals. We provide not only our expert opinion about your swimming pools but also provide professional-level services that do not disappoint just like what we did in our Westlake Village pool services.

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Valley Pool Plaster Thousand Oaks Services

Like vehicles and homes, your swimming pools require a little more than care. While recurring maintenance does help in extending the lifespan of your private pool, nothing brings it back to its former glory than new tiles and a new plaster. With years of holding cured water, your swimming will eventually show signs of age as well as wear and tear.

You’ll see visible cracks and creases here and there. Stains will more likely develop from pool water with poor chemical balance as well as from diluted plant matter and dead bugs. While weekly maintenance services will definitely help you prevent, or at the very least, manage these issues, the best way to address an outdated and a dilapidated pool is a good renovation project. Valley Pool Plaster can help you with pool replastering and pool resurfacing to keep your swimming pool pristine.

Here are just some of the steps that we do to remodel swimming pools that are in need of a new look.

1. Design

Here at Valley Pool Plaster, we will help you finding new swimming pool design concepts that can give your Thousand Oaks the flair it deserves. While we pride ourselves in being backed by the best builders, we also take pride in having skilled artisans and swimming pool designers in our team. They will help you in making decisions with how might want your swimming pool to end up like. They can help you select from a wide variety of raw materials from a slew of decorative styles to natural slates, as well as ceramics you can use to finish your swimming pool.

We’ll also help you with different pool finishes like white or colored plaster finish, pebble pool finish, and even quartz pool finish. You’ll have a wide variety of designs and materials to choose from that can help you customize your own private hideout. The design you’ve approved will be our guide and blueprint in remodeling your old pool.

2. Cleaning the Patio

Now that you’ve decided on how your swimming pool would like to look like; we can begin clearing the patio and the area surrounding the pool. At this point, we’ll just have to remove any furniture or any fixture that might get damaged during the remodeling project. We will ask you to set them aside for storage or stow them in your home if you plan to re-use them once the pool renovation is completed.

3. Draining the Pool

Draining the pool is the first step to swimming pool remodeling. While removing the water from the swimming pool sounds easy, we strongly suggest not to do it without the supervision of professionals. We at Valley Pool Plaster help you drain the pool using a submerged pool pump should your swimming pool equipment cannot handle pool drainage. We make sure that the water is dispersed far from the swimming pool to prevent your old in-ground pool from popping out from the pressure of the water permeating the concrete.

4. Chipping Old Finish

Once the pool is drained, we can now chip old the old finish. This way we can totally remove the pool walls that have had smears and stains as well as surfaces that developed scaling and other mineral deposits. Pool walls that have developed structural damage can also be spotted and addressed through this process.

5. Applying New Finish

Once the old plaster is chipped out, we can now apply the new finish of your choice. Select tiles and coping will also be installed in this process. At this point, you will be able to see how much of a change your pool will have. Once the new finish is applied, we can start working on added features and amenities like LED lights, waterfalls, fountains, decorative stones, as well as mosaics and other fixtures that let your pool speak to you and allow it to make it yours. At this point, we will also start working on installing new fixtures on your patio and also add the pool furniture you’ve stored before the project stated.

6. Starting the Pool

Once all the final touches have been applied, we can now add water to the pool and begin the startup process.

Here at Valley Pool Plaster, we assure you that your pool is our top priority. We will ensure that we use and follow tried and tested means of swimming pool remodeling for your Thousand Oaks private pool. Get your swimming pool remodeling and renovation done, contact us at Valley Pool Plaster today!