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The gated community of Hidden Hills in Los Angeles California is home to many actors and celebrities. That said, it’s common for houses in the neighborhood of Hidden Hills to have luxurious pools where homeowners can sit back and relax. Valley Pool Plaster offers superior-quality swimming pool remodeling services and specializes in pool replastering and pool resurfacing to give your backyard the proper Hidden Hills treatment.

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Pool Services We Offer

Valley Pool Plaster specializes in pool remodeling services. From renovating your pool deck to redesigning your pool interior, we offer holistic Hidden Hills pool remodeling solutions to make your backyard pool stand out. From customized Hidden Hills pool resurfacing projects to tailored Hidden Hills pool plaster services, Valley Pool Plaster knows just how to make your Hidden Hills swimming pool the perfect aquatic paradise. Just look at what we’ve done with our latest Calabasas pool remodeling project.

Our services include plumbing, equipment, electrical, as well as installing water features for your pool. We can also help you in shallowing and in increasing the depth of your swimming pool, change its size, and shape. Ours is a holistic pool remodel service that encompasses the average pool remodeling service. Nobody does Hidden Hills pools as we do, so make sure to contact Valley Pool Plaster today to know what your Hidden Hills pool remodeling options are today.

Why Valley Pool Plaster?

Not only is Valley Pool Plaster a company that offers professional quality swimming pool remodel solutions, but we’re also a company with a heart. We offer risk-free pool remodeling services and we do not require an upfront payment before we start an undertaking. We literally won’t ask you to pay until after each phase of the project is complete. You can trust that our pool replastering and pool resurfacing solutions won’t disappoint. Our goal as your pool contractor is to earn your trust each step of the way, and in doing so, we hope to earn your friendship. We treat our customers like family – and we’re proud of it.

Our Hidden Hills pool plaster and Hidden Hills pool resurfacing services are carried out by licensed, bonded, and insured professionals who know exactly what they’re doing. They practice their profession daily, completing an average of 50 to 100 pool replastering projects in a single year. It’s no secret that experience is one of our best assets, which is why our Hidden Hills pool remodeling services is the best in the business. Valley Pool Plaster prides itself on helping pool owners achieve their dream pools through pool remodeling. We’re here to help you with nearly everything related to your swimming pool.

Valley Pool Plaster Hidden Hills Pool Services

The neighborhood of Hidden Hills is home to some of the best pools in the country. Pools that exude this level of opulence and sophistication require pool remodeling services of the same level. Valley Pool Plaster is a company that offers superior pool remodel solutions befitting of your Hidden Hills home. We can help your source the best materials for renovating both the exterior and interior finish of your private pool. Design-wise, our team can help you select the best layouts to go with your material of choice. Whatever your needs are, Valley Pool Plaster will deliver.

If you’re interested to find out more about our remodeling services, here are a few things we do when remodeling swimming pools with a focus on pool resurfacing:

1. We Plan Every Project

Every good project requires a good plan. That said, we at Valley Pool Plaster start your swimming pool remodeling project with a concrete plan. A plan will help us spread and distribute the workload based on how big the pool is and how much work will be required to accomplish the undertaking. Furthermore, we’ll make sure the plans meet your local building and city codes.

2. We Use the Best Materials

As far as pool resurfacing goes, it’s very rare that a contractor will have a say in the types of materials used but we often advise our customers to use pebbles for their new finish. That’s because pool pebbles last longer than the average pool plaster – an average of 15 to 20 years given that it’s maintained under ideal conditions. Its hard-wearing surface is better at holding up with the chemicals used to balance your pool water’s chemistry.

We use pool pebbles from NPT, a trusted brand in the pool industry with products that are known for their beauty and reliability. We also use the same brand for our pool tiles and other pool finishes.

3. We Use the Best Methods

Pool resurfacing requires the removal of the old finish to make way for the new one. There are two common methods in pool plaster removal: the hydroblast method and the chip out method. The former is cheaper but does not completely remove the old finish. The latter may be more expensive; however, it allows for the removal of most of the surface, which results in better adhesion of the new pool interior finish. We, at Valley Pool Plaster, use the chip-out method. As in our experience, this method allows for better preparation of the concrete resulting in an increased longevity and durability of the applied pool finish. It’s also the recommended method of plaster removal by the Pool Plasterers Council (PPC).

When it comes to applying the new finish, we at Valley Pool Plaster use different methods based on the type of material used. The average pool plaster is applied using pneumatic equipment and is finished by using a trowel while pool pebbles are generally applied by hand.

4. We Offer Pool Financing

We, at Valley Pool Plaster, know that swimming pool remodeling projects don’t come cheap-especially in the neighborhood of Hidden Hills where pools are often luxurious and extravagant! We partnered up with our trusted financial institutions to provide you with the means to finance your pool. You don’t even have to finance everything. It’s common for homeowners to cover the base expenses and finance the cost of remodeling the pool deck as well as improving their pool equipment. Check out our pool financing calculator now.