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The City of Calabasas is home to some of the oldest surviving buildings in the area. It’s a place seeping with culture and history. However, the same cannot be said with its pools. Unlike old buildings, pools should be maintained and renovated, oftentimes, through pool replastering and pool resurfacing. Here at Valley Pool Plaster, we offer pool remodel projects that can help bring the best in your backyard pool.

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Pool Services We Offer

Valley Pool Plaster offers the best pool solutions through our Calabasas pool resurfacing and Calabasas pool plaster services. You need not go anywhere else to get professional quality pool remodeling services. We, at Valley Pool Plaster, will help you with your pool remodel needs from renovating your pool deck area to remodeling the pool walls and floors. We can help you detect signs of wear and damage so you can prevent further issues with your pool. Our team can also help with the installation of pool heating systems, saltwater systems, pool pumps, and more.

Our pool replastering and pool resurfacing services also include the option to use better materials like pool tiles and pool pebbles for increased aesthetic beauty and improved longevity. We value not only the looks of the pools we work on, but also their durability. For pool services that last, contact the most-trusted pool professionals in Calabasas – contact Valley Pool Plaster!

Why Valley Pool Plaster?

We, at Valley Pool Plaster, are passionate about everything we do. That’s why our swimming pool remodeling services are top-notch! We have the same drive and exert the same effort in every undertaking just like what we did in our latest Canoga Park pool remodeling project. Rest assured that the way we’ll handle your Calabasas pool resurfacing and Calabasas pool plaster projects will be stellar and satisfactory.

Our pool remodel services are carried out by expert professionals who are licensed, bonded, and insured. These individuals are people who work on pools daily, practicing their craft, and perfecting their skills as pool professionals. It’s true that our team is one of our best assets, coupled with tried and tested methods. Also, they use a novel approach to swimming pool remodeling; ours is the perfect recipe for impeccable pool service.

Valley Pool Plaster Calabasas Pool Services

Swimming pool remodeling is what we do best. That’s why we’re the best-rated pool contractor for Calabasas pool remodeling services. We take our jobs seriously and aim to provide swimming pool solutions that do not disappoint. Valley Pool Plaster specializes in pool replastering. We use some of the best methods in the industry to get the best result in every undertaking.

If you want to know more about our pool replastering services, here are some of the common things that we do when replastering swimming pools.

1. Draining the Pool

One of the first steps to a replastering project is draining the swimming pool. Sucking the water out of your pool allows us to access the pool walls and the pool floor, make necessary inspection, and carry out the required actions to replaster your pool.

Draining is normally done with a sump pump that we submerge into the water. However, if your pool pump is capable of draining the pool, it can be used to remove the pool water. The water is then directed away from the pool as water seeping in the concrete can cause an in-ground concrete pool to pop-up. That’s why we have to be careful not to drain the water near the pool.

Once the pool is drained, we can remove the old plaster.

2. Chipping Out the Old Plaster

In order for us to apply the new plaster, the old plaster has to be removed. There are two common methods used to remove the old plaster in your swimming pool. One is called the chip-out method and the other is the hydroblast method. The hydroblast method can be likened to sandblasting; the pressure on the machine is used to blow out hollow and delaminated areas. However, nothing can still replace the workmanship of human hands. The chip-out process, on the other hand, involves manually removing the plaster from the pool which not only allows our crew at Valley Pool Plaster to remove more of the existing surface, but also ensures there will be better adhesion when we apply the new plaster.

The chip-out method may be more expensive, but it has proven itself on many occasions to be more effective. It’s also the method recommended by the National Plasterers Council (NPC) which is why we opt to use the chip-out method over the hydroblast method.

3. Applying the New Plaster

Once the old plaster is removed, the surface exposed, cleaned, and prepared, the next step is applying the plaster or finish of your choice. Standard pool plaster is affordable, but lasts only an average of 7 years. It also often comes in white, so stains and smears can easily manifest on the pool walls if proper maintenance is not observed. Standard plaster is applied to the pool using pneumatic tools and is later smoothened by a trowel.

On the other hand, some pool owners do opt for a longer-lasting pool finish with pool pebble. Unlike standard plaster, pool pebble will last an average of 15 to 20 years with little maintenance. Pool pebble also adds to the aesthetic value of your pool since the pebble stones come in various natural hues. Most of our customers opt to have a glass or shell mix added to the final layer of the pebble which gives the pool added sparkle and character. We use products from NPT known for their beauty and reliability.

4. Pool Startup

Once the new plaster is applied, it will be left to cure and the pool water can now be added. We will help you balance the chemicals in the pool water making it safe to swim in. Once the water chemistry is balanced, you can now enjoy your private pool.

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