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Ethnically diverse and home to California State University, Northridge is an eclectic community with a rich and vibrant history.

And when you have a home in such a neighborhood of the San Fernando Valley, it’s a shame if your house doesn’t have its own pool. After all, what’s a house without a pool where you can relax at the end of the day?

That’s why Valley Pool Plaster is determined that there should be a pool in every Northridge home. And our Northridge pool remodeling services are curated to ensure that you get the best-in-class pool plaster services that money can buy.

Pool Services We Offer

The pool area is one of the main attractions for everyone in any family. After all, who wouldn’t love to rest their tired feet in the water after a hard day’s work! But, in case your pool is dirty and has debris floating, then this can be a serious mood dampener.

At Valley Pool Plaster, we consider every pool-related job we handle as a new challenge. For use, each pool is unique in its own way, and we make an effort to understand its requirements.

A cracked tile can be the harbinger of a pool replastering, or even a complete pool remodel. Our experts are adept at picking up cues from the smallest of symptoms and discerning the exact level of pool plaster damage.

With us, you can be sure your pool will soon be the talk of the neighborhood, if not the town! This is how we do our services, even in other areas like our Malibu pool resurfacing.

Why Valley Pool Plaster?

When it comes to Northridge pool remodeling services, there’s no one better than Valley Pool Plaster. With our diverse collective experience, state-of-the-art technology, and passion for all things pool-related, we are your best choice for any pool resurfacing job in the Northridge area.

For us, pool remodeling is not merely a job that earns us our bread and butter. Instead, it’s a way of life that we’ve chosen, a calling from our deepest selves. Every Northridge pool resurfacing that we carry out successfully fills us with the pride and joy of another job well done.

With us, you can only expect pools that make you want to jump right in and stay there!

Valley Pool Plaster Northridge Pool Services

Your pool deserves to be the center of attraction of your house, and Valley Pool Plaster makes sure of that with our Northridge pool remodeling services. With our pools, everyone in your family is going to want to stay poolside, especially the kids.

The trouble is, pools can be significant safety hazards for children. And if you haven’t taken the care of incorporating the required safety features during your pool remodel, then this might pave the way for severe accidents in the future.

That’s why today we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of safety features that you need to keep in mind during your next pool remodeling process. Incorporating these in your pool plaster plan can go a long way towards ensuring the safety of your kids and family members.

Put A Fence In Place

One of the most basic and practical strategies that we suggest for pool safety is the putting up of a fence around your pool. This can be quickly done during any Northridge pool plaster job.

A fence will prevent anyone, especially kids who don’t know how to swim, from accidentally falling into the pool and drowning. Of course, you must take care to install a gate that opens outwards from the pool. Also, we recommend getting a self-closing and self-latching gate.

The height of the fence should be at least five feet, to ensure no one can easily scale it and fall into the pool. Also, ask your pool remodeling experts to use premium materials for constructing the fence; this will ensure that it lasts longer.

Install A Pool Alarm

This is one of the most effective steps you can take to ensure the safety of your family. During your next pool replastering job, ask the provider to install a pool alarm. A pool alarm can be triggered by someone opening the gates to your pool fence.

If you want a more advanced system, then go for underwater motion sensor alarms. These go off whenever there’s any activity in the water. This means even if someone does fall in by accident, you’ll get notified immediately.

Have A Rescue Kit Handy

As Northridge pool plaster experts, we consider it our duty to provide you with safety information. However, despite all precautions, accidents do happen, and the first response is essential in such a situation.

That’s why we suggest keeping rescue equipment, for example, life rings or rescue tubes handy. These can be used to pull a person out of the water safely. Also, keep a first-aid kit ready to take care of those sudden cuts and bruises.

Depend On An Experienced Service Provider

Finally, for any pool remodeling job, the best step that you can take is to depend on an expert Northridge pool resurfacing company. Depending on your needs, they can incorporate the required safety features in your pool.

Trust Valley Pool Plaster

And that’s where Valley Pool Plaster comes in. Our stellar pool replastering and pool remodel services are tailored to ensure your safety. Unlike other pool resurfacing companies, we don’t stop at surface level services.

Instead, we take care to thoroughly inspect your pool during our Northridge pool plaster jobs. By doing so, we ensure that any safety holes are filled in. Our pool remodel experts guarantee that there’s no way your pool remodel leaves any vulnerabilities.

With us taking care of your pool resurfacing, you can be sure that you’re in safe hands. So, just give a call to Valley Pool Plaster today, and let us fortify your pool like never before.

After all, prevention is key.