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Located in the sunny City Of Angels, Van Nuys is known for its hot and arid summers that demand the inclusion of a pool.

Due to the weather, very often the pool becomes the place where you and your family spend most of the time at home. And here at Valley Pool Plaster, we understand your needs perfectly. Working with us, you can get swimming pools that reflect your style.

Pool Services We Offer

Whether it’s pool replastering or a complete pool remodeling, Valley Pool Plaster is the go-to service in the Van Nuys area. With our decade-long experience, we understand your pool resurfacing requirements correctly, and take steps to give you a pool to boast of, just exactly how we take care of our Porter Ranch pool remodeling projects.  

With our stellar Van Nuys pool remodeling services, you stand to get a swimming pool that becomes the pride and envy of the neighborhood.

Why Valley Pool Plaster?

Ask yourself this: what are the characteristics you look for when settling on a pool remodeling service?

Almost always, you would prefer to go with a company that has the experience, expertise, and a demonstrated track record. And Valley Pool Plaster fits the bill perfectly! With over ten years of experience in pool plaster work and associated services, we are your ideal partners.

We take pride in being a family-owned business that treats customers as a natural extension of the family. Our team of experienced professionals are experts in their respective roles and have been involved in the pool replastering business for the longest time.

Valley Pool Plaster Van Nuys Pool Remodeling Services

Water is one of the substances that cause significant wear-and-tear to any surface it remains in contact with. And swimming pool surfaces have to maintain constant contact with chemically treated water for prolonged periods.

This naturally results in the pool losing some of its initial luster. And while some homeowners may not mind a pool that is shabby and dirty, most prefer to get a pool remodeling job done.

However, many pool owners labor under the misconception that a pool remodel job costs a lot. While this might be true for other Van Nuys pool remodeling businesses, at Valley Pool Plaster we value your appreciation above money.

Therefore, to help you in the task of getting the perfect pool remodel done, here are a few tips that can turn your old pool into a fab and fancy one.

Pool Replastering Or Resurfacing

This is for those of you who have a pretty worn out pool that needs an urgent makeover. Pool replastering or pool resurfacing is one of the critical steps that can be taken to ensure that your pool doesn’t fall into disuse.

Replastering and remodeling a pool can significantly improve its look and feel, thus giving it a new lease on life. At the same time, it can also replace worn and uneven surfaces that may cause injuries to swimmers.

Usually, older pools have a dull plaster finish; if that’s the case with your pool, then it needs a serious upgrade. Some of the popular Van Nuys pool resurfacing options range from using aggregate finishes in different shades to using a quartz or stone finish. Whichever pool plaster option you choose, we’ll make it happen the right way.

Installing LEDs

Installing LEDs can be one of the most affordable yet beautiful methods of getting a pool remodel done. Many homeowners are in the habit of installing floodlights in the pool area. These are usually power guzzlers that push up the electricity bill.

LEDs, on the other hand, are power-efficient, cost-effective, and easy to install. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and decorative styles. By installing LEDs under water and around the pool, you can give it the complete makeover it deserves.

Changing Waterline Tiles

When considering a pool remodel, changing the waterline tiles is a must. Waterline tiles are usually the first to get discolored and faded due to the erosional effects of pool water. And with a dirty and degraded waterline, no one is going to want to get in for a splash.

Therefore, changing the waterline tiles periodically is a necessity for maintaining the health of your pool. And when it comes to waterline tiles, our Van Nuys pool plaster services offer unmatched results.

Incorporating Eco-friendly Equipment

Just think about it for a moment: why do you want to install a pool? If considered carefully, it’s not hard to find that a pool is simply a way to incorporate a piece of nature into a home. And naturally, you want it to be energy efficient and eco-friendly as well.

This objective can be easily achieved by installing energy-efficient equipment such as variable speed pool pumps and solar-powered heaters. Using such equipment in a pool not only brings down the power bill, but also contributes towards resource conservation.

Hire The Right Service

Finally, the best step you can take to ensure that your Van Nuys Pool resurfacing job goes right is to hire professional pool experts. Experienced professionals can make all the difference between a failed pool renovation job and a successful one. So make sure to contact the right agency.

And on that note, do remember that Valley Pool Plaster has the required staff and expertise for any pool-related work in the Van Nuys area. Our experienced professionals know that no two pool remodel or pool plaster jobs are the same, and take care to treat each one uniquely.

At Valley Pool Plaster, we ensure that you are involved in the pool remodeling process every step of the way. By incorporating valuable tips and suggestions at every level, we assure you that your Van Nuys pool plaster job goes precisely the way it should.

Using the latest equipment and best in class materials, your pool will certainly get the right attention it deserves. So just drop a line to Valley Pool Plaster today, and get ready to feel the difference.