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The Westlake Village are is a place abundant of a considerably cooler climate. Thanks to the coastal breeze that seeps through the nearby canyons that give the Westlake Village its pleasant climate. Its pleasing temperatures make having a swimming pool in your backyard an essential part of living the Westlake Village life.

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Here at Valley Pool Plaster, we’re passionate about pool remodeling, pool replastering and everything in between. That’s why we provide the best swimming pool services from our Westlake Village pool remodeling services to our Westlake Village pool plaster solutions. We also offer swimming pool restoration services through pool plastering and pool resurfacing. We specialize in pool remodel in the Westlake Village area with our solutions tailor-fit for properties in the location.

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Valley Pool Plaster sees the potential in every backyard. We’re here to turn your property into a personal space of rest and relaxation through our Westlake Village pool remodeling services so you can make every day a vacation. We strive to provide the best pool remodel service in the industry by proving that no backyard is too big or too small to serve as a backdrop for your dream swimming pool.

We’re backed by professionals who have extensive experience working on various Westlake Village pool resurfacing projects in different locations. With years of pool building and pool remodeling behind us, we do Westlake Village pool plaster that are designed to last.

Valley Pool Plaster Westlake Village Services

The Westlake Village area is home to some of the biggest and most luxurious properties. That said, swimming pools in this area are oftentimes updated and renovated. One of the most essential parts of a pool remodeling project is pool resurfacing. Pool resurfacing refers to the process of removing the existing layer of plaster or pool finish in preparation for the application of a new one and is commonly done to in-ground concrete swimming pools with damaged and dilapidated surfaces and is similar to pool replastering. This process is commonly done because the surface of the swimming pool is often the part of the infrastructure that is often the subject of wear and tear.

Here are some of the reasons why pool owners opt to include pool resurfacing or pool replastering when remodeling their private pools.

  • Structural damage
  • Stains on the swimming pool walls
  • Swimming pool surface begins to peel
  • Swimming pool begins to leak
  • Swimming pool surface is rough
  • Swimming pool surface discoloration

While some reasons demand more attention than others, all of them require the finish to be removed and replaced allowing you to maintain the structural integrity and the design aesthetics of your swimming pool.

Here’s what you need to expect when you sign up for our swimming pool remodeling project specifically during the swimming pool resurfacing phase.

1. Selection of pool surface finish

Just like in any swimming pool remodeling project, you will have to decide on how your swimming pool looks. We at Valley Pool Plaster will help you with selecting a design concept and the new finish of your swimming pool will be based on the layout and design you approved.

You can select from various surface finish like plaster finish and pebble finish.

2. Removal of the old finish

Different companies may call this process by different names, like chipping, but basically, this process refers to the removal of the old finish. This is often the busiest and the loudest part of the project as we use power tools and precision tools to carefully remove the old finish and search for possible damage like cracks and crevices in the underlying concrete beneath.

Just like what we do with our Oak Park pool resurfacing projects, we advise you, the property owner, that this process will be noisy and that because of the nature of the process, delicate fixtures near the swimming pool be removed as it may be damaged by parts of the old plaster that might fly from the swimming pool as we use jackhammers and precision tools to remove the old surface.

3. Tile application

Now this step is optional depending on whether part of the remodeling plan involves the application of masonry and new tiles. This will heavily depend on the style and the design you’ve selected. This is part of the detailing process will also dictate how much of the old plaster is to be removed. If you choose to keep the old tile that lines the edge of the pool’s surface, we will begin removing the existing surface with a certain distance from the existing tiles.

4. Blending of formula

Depending on the finish you’ve selected, we will blend the formula for your swimming pool finish. The common plaster finish is blended from select aggregates like limestone, quartz sand, or marble dust and Portland cement. Pool plaster will often come in white but can be colored by adding tinted pigmentation. Plaster finish is usually the most affordable swimming pool finish and will last you an average of 10 to 15 years.

On the other hand, pebble finish requires Portland cement and pebble aggregate, this type of finish is usually tougher than plaster finish and will last you an average of 15 to 20 years.

5. Application of finish

Once the formula is mixed, the finish is then applied using a pneumatic spray that showers and sprinkles the finish to the walls of the concrete. Using a pneumatic tool ensures proper coverage and even application of the finish you’ve selected. To achieve better results, the applied finish is then be pressed and further compressed with a hand trowel. Once the finish has been applied, it will be prepared for exposure where it is sprayed with water or simply just wiped down to remove excess from the finish we just applied.

After the finish is applied and is exposed, we will have to wait for it to harden allowing the materials in the finish to sit before the water is applied. On average this process will take only a day but will depend on how large the pool is and how much work the pool remodel requires.

We at Valley Pool Plaster stand by our projects and provide you and your Westlake Village pool the best pool resurfacing service it deserves. Contact us today!