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Best Chatsworth Pool Plastering & Remodeling Service

Seated in the San Fernando Valley, the neighborhood of Chatsworth offers a unique atmosphere rich in culture and history. Flanked mountains and parks, the small neighborhood of Chatsworth makes for an ideal place for building or renovating a backyard pool. We at Valley Pool Plaster offer high-quality Chatsworth pool remodeling services. We’ll help you update your pool and give it a new lease in life.

Give us a call and find pool remodeling solutions that might just help you bring your Chatsworth pool back to its former glory.

Pool Services We Offer

Valley Pool Plaster offers the best swimming pool services, including pool resurfacing and pool replastering. Our Chatsworth pool remodeling solutions are designed to help you update both your pool exterior and pool interior finish using the best materials on the market. Our pool remodel services are geared towards beauty and longevity. We take into account the durability of the finished project as well as the style that sets your swimming pool apart. We also specialize in Chatsworth pool plaster and Chatsworth pool resurfacing with options of updating to a new pool finish using pool tile, mini pebble, quartz, or a mix of shell to add dimension and character to your pool interior.

We’re the best in what we do that’s why we’re one of the most-recommended pool professionals in the industry with top-notch projects in various locations. Just check our West Hills pool remodeling services. Give your pool the service it deserves; give your pool the Valley Pool Plaster treatment.

Why Valley Pool Plaster?

Valley Pool Plaster aims to be the golden standard in pool service…especially in pool replastering and pool resurfacing. By using the best materials for your Chatsworth pool resurfacing and Chatsworth pool plaster projects, we can help you get the build you want for your pool without compromising its overall structural integrity. We use pool finishes like pebble, quartz, and plaster as well as additional pool fixtures like tiles and natural stones for a breathtaking backyard pool. We know how it feels to have a backyard pool where every day can be a vacation, and we’d like you to enjoy the same experience through our pool remodeling services.

When you sign up with our pool remodel services, you’re not just getting your pool remodeled. Valley Pool Plaster will ensure that the materials used to repair and renovate your swimming pool are installed by accredited professionals who know exactly what they’re doing. If you want professional quality pool remodeling services, trust only Valley Pool Plaster.

Valley Pool Plaster Chatsworth Pool Services

Valley Pool Plaster prides itself on being the go-to company for superior-quality swimming pool remodel solutions. We offer services aimed to help you make the most out of your investment because we know pools aren’t cheap. Our licensed pool professionals can handle anything from pool replastering to electrical work. We can handle any project as long as it involves your pool. If you want to start your Chatsworth pool remodeling project, here are a few things you can expect from Valley Pool Plaster during a pool replaster service.

1. Planning

Here at Valley Pool Plaster, we make sure that each undertaking is carefully planned. This allows us to plot a schedule depending on how much work is to be done and how large the pool is. On average, pool replastering projects last for 1 to 2 weeks. This is not 2 weeks worth of work, but simply work spread out over 2 weeks, which involves ordering your materials, letting them rest and cure, as well as coordinating with other jobs. We will advise you of the estimated time of completion, and we’ll work with you every step of the way, so you will know the progress of your swimming pool plastering project.

2. Drying of the Pool

Once we’ve set the plans, the next thing to do is to drain or dry out your pool. It may be able to be done using the pool pump in your system, but we usually remove the water using a submerged sump pump. We will drain the pool water and direct it away from your pool. Proper execution of this step is crucial, which is why it’s recommended that you have your trusted pool professionals like Valley Pool Plaster drain your pool for you.

After the draining process is complete, we can now remove the old pool plaster.

3. Removing the Old Plaster

Valley Pool Plaster uses the chip out method to remove the old pool interior. Although this can be more expensive, this method allows us to remove more of the old surface which will provide better adhesion to the new plaster. The chip out method is also a method recommended by the National Plasterers Council (NPC) because of its efficacy and efficiency.

Once the old plaster is removed, we will prepare the exposed concrete for the application of your new pool plaster.

4. Application of Pool Plaster

The plaster can be applied using pneumatic tools and finished with a hand trowel. However, if you opt for a pebble surface, the application process will be done using mostly trowels. Our pebble pool finish has a handmade feel to it, with natural unevenness on the surface as well as in its color and texture. The glass and shell mix that is added to the finish is hand-tossed on the final layer of the pebble. Because the process is done entirely without the help of a machine, it boasts a unique look that separates your pool from the rest.

5. Pool Start-Up

After the plaster has cured, we can add water to your pool and balance the chemicals to help the plaster harden. We at Valley Pool Plaster take a methodical approach to pool start-up as it can help your pool plaster achieve better durability and reliability when done right.

When you need your pool replastered or remodeled, trust only the pros – trust in Valley Pool Plaster.