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It’s always pool season here in the City of Simi Valley. Locals enjoy their private pools through Simi Valley’s warm summers and also during its cool winters. With a relatively low elevation, Simi Valley enjoys the ideal blend of dry, sunny seasons and rainy, mild winters. Valley Pool Plaster offers professional quality Simi Valley pool remodeling services to keep your aquatic resort in pristine condition.

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Pool Services We Offer

We at Valley Pool Plaster offer superior quality swimming pool solutions. Our swimming pool resurfacing and swimming pool replastering services are designed not only to increase your pool’s aesthetic value, but also its structural integrity. Pool remodeling is what we do best, which is why our Simi Valley pool remodeling solutions are designed to help you achieve your dream pool. We use stunning pool interiors as well as captivating exterior pool finishes that work cohesively to make your backyard pool stand out.

Because the plans for our Simi Valley pool plaster and Simi Valley pool resurfacing services are compliant with your local construction and building codes, we’ll be able to breeze through the necessary paperwork to get your pool project started. Get the most-recommended pool professionals in the business – contact Valley Pool Plaster today.

Why Valley Pool Plaster?

Valley Pool Plaster is home to some of the best pool professionals in the business. Our team offers the best swimming pool remodel services. They are licensed, bonded, and insured pool professionals backed by years of experience in the swimming pool industry. Valley Pool Plaster specializes in pool replastering and pool resurfacing, providing our customers with pools that look as good as they are durable. Our Simi Valley pool resurfacing and Simi Valley pool plaster solutions are tailored to our customers’ needs, allowing our customers to make significant decisions with how they want their pools to look at the end of every project. We use the best raw materials the industry has to offer, making our pool remodeling services the best in the business. Just check our Chatsworth pool remodeling project.

We use tried, tested, and recommended methods for pool replastering coupled with new and modern equipment like pneumatic tools, heavy-duty tools, and precision tools to get the job done. Our recipe for swimming pool remodel solutions makes us the best pool contractor for your Simi Valley pool remodeling project.

Valley Pool Plaster Simi Valley Pool Services

Swimming pool remodeling is in our blood. That’s why we’ve been in this industry for more than a decade, earning not only our customer’s business, but also their friendship. Our goal here in Valley Pool Plaster is to earn your trust each and every step of the way. That’s why we offer risk-free swimming pool remodel services with no deposit and no upfront payment.

Interested in our swimming pool remodeling solutions? Here are some of the things that Valley Pool Plaster does to help you accomplish your dream pool.

1. Valley Pool Plaster Pool Financing

We know that remodeling a swimming pool is not cheap. That’s why here at Valley Pool Plaster, we offer pool financing services through our partner companies to help you borrow the money you need to help you renovate your swimming pool. If you’re interested to know more about how we can help you finance your pool, check our pool financing calculator and get an estimate of your monthly payment.

We’re here to help you every step of the way. From loaning money to finishing your project, Valley Pool Plaster offers commitment like no other.

2. Valley Pool Plaster Materials Sourcing

Valley Pool Plaster is dedicated to providing the best swimming pool services and becoming the golden standard in pool remodeling. That’s why we use some of the best materials for our swimming pool projects. From pool finishes like pebble, quartz, and glass pebble mix, to glass tiles, mosaic tiles, and natural stone tiles, the raw materials we use are designed to make your swimming pool stand out.

We’ve been renovating pools for as long as we can remember, and we know that in swimming pools, the materials you use matter. Our most popular pool finish is the StoneScapes mini pebble from NPT. Our customers often opt to have glass or shell mix added to the final layer of their mini pebble pool finish which adds sparkle and character to their backyard pool.

3. Valley Pool Plaster Warranty

We at Valley Pool Plaster stand by our projects. That’s why we recommend that your pool plaster and pool resurfacing be done by the same contractors doing the startup for you. In most cases where two different pool contractors work on your pool, accountability to any issue can easily be passed on from either contractor blaming poor workmanship on pool resurfacing and improper practice in pool startup which makes the issue quite difficult to resolve.

That said, we offer holistic pool remodeling solutions with undertakings that cover everything from planning, building, and remodeling, to the final phase of starting up your pool. Moreover, the Valley Pool Plaster crew that will be carrying out the remodeling project is recognized by the manufacturer of the materials we use to renovate, repair, and remodel your pool. This means that the manufacturer of the materials used in your project will honor the warranty of their products. Furthermore, should there be any issue regarding workmanship, you can trust that we at Valley Pool Plaster will do our best to check what services are covered by our warranty and resolve the matter at hand.

We’re here to help pool owners achieve their dreams. That’s why we stand by our word and do our best to live by our promise. We believe in honest business so you can trust on Valley Pool Plaster to help you with everything related to swimming pools.

If you want to find out more about how Valley Pool Plaster can help you, give us a call. We can’t wait to do business with you.