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Camarillo is home to warm Mediterranean climates that make owning a swimming pool in this area a must. Contact Valley Pool Plaster to find out how our team can breathe new life into your old and outdated swimming pool with our Camarillo pool resurfacing​ today.

Pool Services We Offer

Valley Pool Plaster specializes in swimming pool services like pool replastering, pool resurfacing and pool renovation. We offer professional quality Camarillo pool remodeling that are tailored to your needs. We know how it feels to look and even swim at an old and outdated swimming pool, that’s why we made it our goal to help swimming pool owners give their investments a proper makeover without breaking the bank.

Why Valley Pool Plaster?

Valley Pool Plaster has been in the business of pool remodeling for more than a decade. With over ten years under our belt, we can confidently say that we have proper and legitimate field experience to back us up.

Moreover, we have with us a team of industry experts and pool artisans that have had an extensive professional background in their respective roles in our company. We’re a tight-knit family-owned and operated business whose main goal is to provide impeccable service centered around honest, ethical, and fair business.

We’re a company that care about our clients the same way we care about our family.

Valley Pool Plaster Camarillo Pool Services

Because Camarillo is a place known for its Mediterranean climate, swimming pools are often the highlight of many homes in this location. Homeowners in this location do spend time and allocate funds in pool replastering and pool resurfacing for their private pools as it is often the place where they entertain guests during Camarillo’s warm and dry summer seasons.

That being said, one of the most common pool replastering and pool resurfacing projects we work on at this location involves in-ground concrete pools that require resurfacing. We at Valley Pool Plaster specialize in various pool finishes including plaster finish and pebble finish. Here are a few reasons why you should consider these types of pool finishes on your next Camarillo pool plaster project.

Plaster Finish

Plaster finish offers a simple and affordable means of applying a new surface to an old pool during pool remodeling. Plaster finishes often come in white, but we can also add colored pigments into the plaster mix that will add various undertones to your pool interior during our pool remodeling project, just like how we did it to our latest Newbury Park pool plastering project.

The recipe to standard white Camarillo pool plaster is no trade secret. It’s just cement and white marble aggregate and is often hand-troweled into the pool walls like all other interior finishes. It can handle substantial chemical use but will require more maintenance in the long run as a lack of proper pool maintenance will cause the plaster to weaken and change its appearance over time.

Pebble Finish

Pebble finish is also made the same way plaster finish is but includes pebble stones in the plaster mixture. The pebbles prove to be beneficial although this type of finish tends to make your pool remodeling project more expensive than a standard plaster finish. Pebble finish makes for a durable interior to your pool since the pebbles develop few to no stains at all and do not show a significant reaction to pool water chemicals.

It also adds a certain allure to match Camarillo’s Mediterranean climate as the small stones on the pebble finish offers a slew of different and natural hues that furthers the aesthetic value of your pool after a pool remodel undertaking. It allows for more flexibility in terms of how you want to design your pool since the tones of the pebbles can be selected to match your patio finish.

Quartz Finish

Quartz finish for pool remodel, on the other hand, is another type of pool finish and is considered the most expensive of the three as quartz stones are added to the pool finish instead of pebble. Quartz finish does offer the best of what both plaster finish and pebble finish have to offer including durability and design flexibility.

Quartz pool finish holds up well against weather and pool water chemical which means that stains will have a hard time penetrating its hard surface. Furthermore, it offers a finish that requires lower maintenance compared to plaster finish and pebble finish.

Valley Pool Plaster can help you with our Camarillo pool resurfacing solution and apply a new swimming pool plaster to help you protect and maintain your investment. With proper care and maintenance, plaster finish can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years while pebble finish can last from 15 to 20 years.

We at Valley Pool Plaster use tested methods in applying your pool finish of choice to make it last longer and will help you change the look and feel of your backyard with a new swimming pool plaster. We’re backed by certified professionals so we can assure guaranteed craftsmanship making our services the best in the industry – bar none.

Apart from Camarillo pool remodeling, here are some of the services we offer.

  • Custom swimming pool design
  • Swimming pool plumbing
  • Pool heater installation
  • Pool filter installation
  • Pool pump installation
  • Saltwater system installation
  • Swimming pool coping
  • In-ground pool cleaning

We pride ourselves in providing the best swimming pool remodeling service and we are honored to be the guys to call when constructing the swimming pool of your dreams.

Here at Valley Pool Plaster offer a wholistic service in maintaining your swimming pool from drafting and planning your customized swimming pool to the installation of advanced swimming pool amenities to elevate your own slice of heaven. Contact Valley Pool Plaster today to find out what services fit your needs and avail of our free estimate today.

We offer a risk-free trial on our select recurring pool services and will bill you at the end of the month – not at the beginning. Moreover, we’re not going to lock you in a service contract and you won’t be obliged to keep our services if you’re not satisfied. But then again, we’re not happy unless you’re happy.

Give your Camarillo swimming pool the treatment it deserves, talk to us today and find out how Valley Pool Plaster can help you make the swimming pool of your dreams into a reality.

Good as new!!!

August 14, 2020

My swimming pool surface was in bad condition and was in desperate need of repairs. While searching for a pool repair company, I came across Valley Pool Plaster. I read some reviews online, and customers spoke highly of the company. I decided to hire them for the job. Some people came to visit the pool and gave me all the details of the type of work to be done and their price. The entire job was completed within a few days, and my pool now looks as good as new!

Emily H.