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Bordered by the Santa Monica Mountains, the neighborhood of Woodland Hills offers the perfect backdrop for a backyard pool. Our services at Valley Pool Plaster focus on helping pool owners in this area with swimming pool replastering and swimming pool resurfacing. We can help you get your dream backyard pool, so you can make every day a vacation.

Contact Valley Pool Plaster today and find out how our Woodland Hills pool plaster services can help bring back the shine in your pool.

Pool Services We Offer

Valley Pool Plaster offers superior quality pool services that are tailored for our Woodland Hills customers. Our Woodland Hills pool plaster and Woodland Hills pool resurfacing services are perfect solutions for old and outdated pools that need a new lease in life. We do not just provide pool replastering and pool resurfacing services, but we also offer pool remodeling services when you need to customize your swimming pool, just check out our recent Hidden Hills pool remodeling project.

We also offer specialized swimming pool equipment installation like pool heating systems, pool lights, water features, pool pumps, and saltwater systems. Our pool remodeling services go way beyond what the eye can see. Valley Pool Plaster pool remodel solutions offer more than pool replastering and pool resurfacing. Ours is a holistic service for total pool improvement.

Why Valley Pool Plaster?

You wouldn’t trust your investment with an inexperienced pool professional, would you? Valley Pool Plaster has been in the business for over a decade, and our experience is one of our best-kept assets. Our Woodland Hills pool resurfacing and Woodland Hills pool plaster solutions are carried out by experienced professionals with years of working on various swimming pools in different locations under their belt.

Years of practice have led to their trained eye in spotting problems in your pool and have helped them master their craft. Our team of licensed, bonded, and insured professionals are experts, not only in pool replastering and pool resurfacing, but are also known for their workmanship in pool remodeling. Our Woodland Hills pool remodeling service is known for its professional quality that does not only elevate your investment’s beauty, but also its value.

Valley Pool Plaster is one of the most trusted names in the pool industry because we care for your pool like it’s ours. Give us a call at Valley Pool Plaster and we’ll talk about your pool remodeling options to help you get your dream backyard.

Valley Pool Plaster Woodland Hills Pool Services

We at Valley Pool Plaster believe in seeing the potential in every backyard. That’s why one of the services that we’re most known for is our Woodland Hills pool remodeling services. We know that pool remodel projects aren’t easy, but we believe it can be fun. Valley Pool Plaster pool remodel services include everything you’ll ever need from planning to the finished project, so you won’t have to think about anything except the days to come and how much pool time you’ll spend in your newly remodeled Woodland Hills pool.

Here are some of the things that happen during our Woodland Hills pool remodeling services with a focus on pool plaster application.

1. Initial Consultation and Planning.

One of the first parts of remodeling your swimming pool is consultation and planning. This is where we inspect the property and make recommendations about the pool renovation. We will also assess the amount of work needed and the type of materials required for your pool remodeling project.

While the time it takes to complete a remodeling varies depending on the pool size, on average, swimming pool remodeling projects take about 2 to 6 weeks. This involves other undertakings including pool resurfacing and the application of your new plaster which roughly takes from 1 to 2 weeks.

During this stage, we’ll also help you find a design, a pool layout (if you want to change the shape and the depth of the pool), as well as the materials to be used in the remodeling project. Once you give a go and approve the plan, we’ll agree on a schedule and we’ll begin the remodeling process.

2. Removal and Installation of the Pool Plaster.

One of the busiest (and nosiest) parts of the remodeling project is the removal and installation of your old swimming pool plaster. We’ll start by draining the swimming pool. Once the pool is drained, we can begin removing the old plaster using the chip out method, which will allow us to remove more of the old pool surface.

This method of removing the old plaster is more expensive, but it’s proven to provide better adhesion to the new plaster, making it last longer. Once the concrete from your in-ground pool is exposed, our team will begin installing the new pool finish. One of the most common pool finishes is white plaster, but in most cases, our customers opt for a longer-lasting finish with pool pebble.

Pool pebble can last 15 to 20 years, and because of the nature of how pebble is applied, it offers a handmade feel to it when it is finished. Most of our customers also add a glass or shell mix to give their pool additional sparkle and character.

Once the pool plaster or pebble has been installed on the pool, we can now fill the pool with water.

3. Pool Startup.

Assuming that other undertakings in remodeling the pool, like remodeling your pool deck, are finished, the next step is to start the pool. This is done by using a hose to fill the pool with water and is called the initial fill. The pool is to be filled to the normal level above the tile line, and once it reaches this level, we can now begin the process called post-fill chemical startup.

Pool startup can eliminate the greenish hue you see in the pool water as an effect of the chemicals we’ve added. This process only takes a few hours, and once complete, you’ll be able to start using your remodeled swimming pool.