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The unincorporated community of Oak Park sits within valleys with a vast ecosystem of floras and faunas providing the area with rich wildlife and vegetation. Having been surrounded by the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area, Oak Park is a place where backyards beg to have swimming pools on them.

Here at Valley Pool Plaster, we believe that every swimming pool deserves the best Oak Park pool remodeling service, whether you’re looking to build a new swimming pool or to renovate your aquatic haven through pool remodeling, we’ve got the right Oak Park pool plaster solution for your needs.

Pool Services We Offer

Valley Pool Plaster offers professional-quality swimming pool services. We use up-to-date, tried and tested methods for swimming pool remodeling and pool replastering. We’re also experts in Oak Park pool remodeling allowing your old pool to enjoy a new look as well as benefit from a strengthened structure from its newly renovated components.

Our pool resurfacing and pool remodel services will make you enjoy the slow passing of time in your Oak Park property. Contact Valley Pool Plaster today to find out more about how we can turn your backyard into your personal place of Zen.

Why Valley Pool Plaster?

Here at Valley Pool Plaster, we’re always updated with the latest trends in pool remodel design and concepts of swimming pools in the Oak Park area. We’ve worked on countless of properties and our team of highly skilled and professional craftsmen knows just what it takes to bring your Oak Park swimming pool to the next level.

We’ll outfit your private piscina with all the bells and whistles or maybe we can go for a rustic, and minimalist look. Nevertheless, Valley Pool Plaster will make sure that your swimming pool is properly taken care of through our top-notch pool replastering and pool resurfacing solutions. We’re the best in the business because we know how to provide our customers with the best experience hands down.

Valley Pool Plaster Oak Park Pool Services

We at Valley Pool Plaster have a soft spot for private pools. Not because it’s how we make a living but because we can see how our projects create significant impacts on our client’s lives. That’s why we make sure that all the pool resurfacing and pool remodel projects we handle not only meet but also exceed our customer’s expectations.

That said, when renovating swimming pools in the Oak Park area, we make sure to pay attention to pool resurfacing or pool replastering. Pool plastering is the application of plaster on a swimming pool. The plaster or the pool finish acts as a protective layer between the water on the pool and the concrete beneath it. Pool plaster plays an important role in both pool remodeling and in maintaining the structural integrity of the swimming pool and could spell the difference between a simple and affordable renovation project and an expensive restoration effort.

Here’s why.

Swimming pool plaster prevents the water inside the pool from leaking to the underlying concrete below. While the concrete holding the swimming pool is hard and solid, the pressure of the water above it can cause the concrete to weaken over time. Once the water finds a way into the soil below, it can cause the soil to move and eventually harm the structural integrity of the swimming pool and the property sitting above the soil and the concrete.

That’s why many pool owners, like the ones we help with our Agoura Hills pool plastering projects, do take the time to maintain the pool plaster and take immediate action towards the manifestation of damage in the plaster.

Here are some first aid solutions for minor manifestations of pool plaster damage.

1. Cracks

Minor cracks can be remedied by patching it with a patching solution.

2. Stains

Small stains can be treated by dipping a pair of old socks in chlorine and washing the stained area.

3. Algae

Small and insubstantial algae development can be addressed by cleaning the water and adding algaecide and frequent swimming pool maintenance.

Other issues with your swimming pool plaster may require a more thorough solution. Here are some examples.

  • Shifting ground underneath the pool.
  • Long cracks on the swimming pool surface.
  • Rough patches where the concrete starts to show.
  • Hard to remove stains.

Some solutions are cheaper than others, that’s why we at Valley Pool Plaster take the time to assess the swimming pool area first before starting a project. Moreover, should our services be unnecessary, we often offer unbiased opinions and assessments of a property even if it means pointing you in another direction. It’s the philosophy we try to live by as a swimming pool services company in order to provide just, honest, and fair business to our customers. However, if the status of your swimming pool deems immediate action, we’ll be more than happy to provide you with the best solution with our renovation services including pool surfacing and pool remodeling.

We can’t deny that plastering a pool is not rocket science, but having the right people to help you remove and apply new Oak Park pool plaster to your in-ground concrete swimming pool can save you time and money. We at Valley Pool Plaster know that no one likes to make an expensive mistake, so we make sure that we get it right the first time in every pool remodeling project.

Here are some of the steps we take when applying a new plaster to your swimming pool.

1. Selection of new plaster

We at Valley Pool Plaster allow you to customize your pool through various plaster options including traditional white pool plaster, colored pool plaster, as well as other pool finishes including pebble finish.

2. Chipping of old plaster

Once you approved of the plaster type, we will begin chipping out the old plaster and preparing the old concrete for the application of the new plaster. We’ll prime the concrete to make sure that the new plaster bonds with it thoroughly allowing it to cure better and maintain superior structural strength.

3. Application of new plaster

Once the surface is prepared, the new plaster will be applied. We will use pneumatic equipment to make sure that the new plaster will evenly be applied to the walls of the swimming pool. We’ll also make sure that the plaster is thoroughly compressed to achieve the best results.

4. Swimming pool startup

Once the process is complete, we will begin adding the water to the pool and adjust the water level to allow the plaster to cure.