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Newbury Park is a place rich in history and nature’s bounty. Like the many towns of California, Newbury Park is spoiled with a warm Mediterranean climate blessing this town with warm, sunny, and dry summers and relatively cool, and rainy winters.

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Pool Services We Offer

Here at Valley Pool Plaster, we provide professional-quality swimming pool services.We offer swimming pool remodeling work of all sorts, including pool resurfacing as well as pool replastering for old and damaged swimming pools. We’ll give your swimming pool the proper makeover, with our Newbury Park pool remodeling services.

Why Valley Pool Plaster?

Nobody does professional swimming pool services like Valley Pool Plaster. We know what makes a project work and what doesn’t, and most especially, we always put our customers first. We know that in this business, experience matters. While we have years of building and renovating swimming pools under our belt, our passion for what we do allows us to provide the best Newbury Park pool remodeling service there is.

Valley Pool Plaster Newbury Park Services

We pride ourselves in providing the best swimming pool services in the Newbury area. Like the projects we handled in our Thousand Oaks pool plastering services, we make sure that we are always on top of every undertaking from start to finish. We’re committed to our every project and we stand by our word.

If you’re interested in how Valley Pool Plaster can help you in remodel and renovate your private pool in your Newbury Park backyard, here’s a quick guide of how we handle swimming pool remodeling projects in the Newbury Park area.

1. Planning

The first step in swimming pool remodeling is planning. Here, at Valley Pool Plaster, we help you decide on what design and concept you want to be applied to your swimming pool. We also provide you with a realistic estimate of how long your Newbury Park pool plaster project will take depending on how much pool replastering and pool resurfacing yourswimming pool remodeling project requires. Rest assured that our suggestions and our guidance in terms of how your Newbury Park pool plaster project will go will comply with your state, local, and home owner’s association building requirements.

As an added option, we at Valley Pool Plaster provide a virtual reality rendering of your swimming pool remodeling plan so you would know exactly just how it would look like in your property. Once you give the project a green light, we will provide you with a detailed blueprint of the plan. Then, we proceed to the next step.

2. Paperwork

The next step in remodeling your swimming pool is the filing of permits, engineering plans, and seeking approval from your home owner’s association. We, at Valley Pool Plaster, will acquire all the necessary permits for the project ahead. We will also help you produce the necessary plans that you can submit to your home owner’s association.

3. Pool Layout

The pool layout is done by taking measurements for your swimming pool project and lay it out in your backyard. The layout will indicate the actual shape, size, and placement of your private pool. While the visual representation of your plan helps you visualize the finished project. Laying out the pool measurements usually gives you an opportunity to see the actual size and form of your swimming pool.

4. Site Excavation

Once we take the measurements for your swimming pool, we’ll start the excavation process. This part of the swimming pool remodeling project requires the use of heavy equipment to remove grass, and soil from your backyard. Large rocks will also be pushed away or to the side to make way for the in-ground pool.

The excavated soil can be moved and hauled to a different location or simply transferred to your preferred area in your backyard.

5. Structural Framework

Once the yard has been excavated, the next step is to lay down the structural steel that will serve as your swimming pool’s framework and is a crucial part of pool replastering and pool resurfacing. This will act as the support for when we fill it with concrete forming the cement shell. From where the pool plastering can later be applied.

6. Pool Plumbing

Next, we lay out the plumbing on the ground. During our pool remodel projects, Valley Pool Plaster specifically design and engineer the plumbing system to give your private pool the best circulation and filtration for superior water health and easy swimming pool maintenance. In our pool remodeling solutions, Valley Pool Plaster also calculates hydraulic systems including the correct size of all necessary piping equipment for optimum water conservation and clarity.

At this same time, we will also install electrical conduits that are required by your swimming pool pumps and other pool equipment for a holistic pool replastering and pool remodeling service.

7. Cement Application

Once we are sure that all the groundwork for the pool remodel is complete and is properly done, we will begin applying the cement which will act as the tough layer of your in-ground concrete swimming pool. The cement is applied by shooting it to the walls with the use of a hose.

8. Tile and Coping

Once the cement has settled, Valley Pool Plaster will then apply your selected tiles and swimming pool coping. At this stage you will see how your swimming pool will shape up since almost all the physical features of the pool are already installed and applied.

9. Decking

Considered as the part of the remodeling process that gives your pool character and personality, your pool deck consists of the surrounding area acting as the perimeter of the swimming pool. It’s where patio furniture and other decorative fixtures are added. Like the tile and the coping, the decking process involves the use of your choice materials.

10. Pool Plaster

You’ll know the remodeling process is almost done since the plaster application indicates that water will soon be added into the pool. The plaster will act as an air-tight protective layer that separates the concrete we added and water in the pool.

11. Startup

In this stage, Valley Pool Plaster will add water and adjust the chemical in the water to help the plaster cure and achieve better structural integrity after your Newbury Park pool resurfacing project.

Here at Valley Pool Plaster, we ensure that we provide superior pool renovation and pool remodeling services through tried and tested methods of pool building. Trust the pool professionals – trust Valley Pool Plaster.

Very professional

August 14, 2020

We just recently used Valley Pool Plastering to refinish our older pool. We had 4 different plaster companies come out to give us estimates. Eric was by far the most professional and competitively priced. He gave us some great ideas for our older pool and was extremely helpful through out the process with sending us to the right showrooms to pick out tile and the pebble sheen finish. His crews were timely, showing up when expected and they also did there best to keep our yard and driveway clean during to remodel which was appreciated. If your looking for a professional pool plaster/remodel company I highly recommend Valley Pool Plaster!!

Christina I.