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Best Moorpark Pool Plastering & Remodeling Service

Gifted with a Subtropical-Mediterranean climate, the City of Moorpark offers the best location for a backyard pool. Sitting in close proximity to Los Angeles, Moorpark provides its locals with just the right amount of sun and rain. If you’re in need to take your Moorpark pool life up a notch, sign up with our pool remodeling services today.

Contact Valley Pool Plaster and we’ll help you give your pool the proper Moorpark pool treatment it deserves.

Pool Services We Offer

Here at Valley Pool Plaster, we do more than just pool remodel. To ensure that your private pool is properly renovated, we give it the total makeover, using the right pool resurfacing and pool replastering techniques. This way, your pool interior not only looks good, but will also boast longevity and durability for years to come, just exactly how we did our most recent Simi Valley Pool Remodeling project. We’re the team to call if you need professional-level pool services for your Moorpark pool resurfacing project. We’ll help you give your pool a new lease on life by updating not only the interior finish, but also the deck and the patio.

With Valley Pool Plaster, you’re getting a holistic pool service from start to finish.

Why Valley Pool Plaster?

While there are a growing number of swimming pool professionals who offer pool remodeling services in the Moorpark area, Valley Pool Plaster ensures that work is carried out by a team of proficient individuals who have been working on swimming pool projects for well over a decade now. Moreover, our crew has licensed, bonded, and insured professionals who have worked on countless pool replastering and pool resurfacing projects in various areas, completing an average of 50-100 pools annually, so our Moorpark pool plaster projects leave a custom handmade feel.

Valley Pool Plaster commits to every undertaking and sees the project through from start to finish. We care for your pool like it’s our own. It has been our company’s maxim and these are words we live by. It’s what sets us apart from the competition and is what lets us earn our customer’s friendship at the end of every pool remodeling project.

Valley Pool Plaster Moorpark Pool Services

Valley Pool Plaster prides itself on delivering world-class service. Furthermore, our Moorpark pool remodeling projects are impeccable and outstanding, to say the least. We aim to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing the best pool services. Here are just some of the things you can expect when you sign up with Valley Pool Plaster for a pool remodel.

1. Project Planning

Proper project planning is how we begin every undertaking here at Valley Pool Plaster. Whether it’s just a simple rework of your plumbing or a pool replastering project, we make sure that we follow a path to help us start and finish the project effectively and efficiently. We’ll help you come up with designs for your pool interior and help you get your dream backyard. Don’t worry, as the designs and concepts we’ll come up with will definitely be one that meets your local regulations to make sure that we won’t be hindered by problems involving paperwork. Moreover, as an additional service, you can opt to have your pool remodeling plans shown to you using virtual rendering, so you can see what your backyard looks like upon completion.

2. Clearing the Pool

Once we’ve laid out all the plans, the next part is to clear the pool which involves drain the pool. This is the first step to your Moorpark pool resurfacing project, as afterwards, the existing plaster can be removed through the chip out process. If your pool pump cannot drain the water for you, we can use a sump pump to flush the water out of the pool. Once the pool has been drained, we can begin removing the old plaster.

3. Chipping Out the Old Plaster

Valley Pool Plaster uses the chip out method to remove the old plaster for our Moorpark pool remodeling solutions. Compared to the hydroblast method, the chip out method allows our crew to remove more of the old surface and provides more surface area for the new finish to bond to. After we’ve cleared out the old plaster, we can now apply your plaster of choice.

4. Applying the New Pool Finish

To make sure that the pool finish is applied properly, we use a combination of pneumatic equipment and hand tools to spray the plaster mixture and level it with a trowel. We’ll start applying the new finish from the pool walls until we reach the pool floors.

Here at Valley Pool Plaster, we offer various pool interior finishes for our Moorpark pool plaster services. You can use the standard white pool plaster or its colored variants but if you’re going for a more unique look, you can opt for a pebble finish. Not only is pebble better looking but it also is more durable and hardwearing. Our customers at Valley Pool Plaster opt for an additional glass or shell mix added to the final layer of the pebble finish giving the pool its own unique look and character. The sparkling final layer adds dimension to the pool making the water more inviting.

After the new finish is applied, the pool will begin to fill with fresh water from your hose.

5. Pool start-up

Once the pool finish you’ve selected has set, we can now start-up the pool. Starting the pool involves filling the pool with water and adding the necessary chemicals to it. This is considered the final process of your Moorpark pool remodeling project as we’ll soon leave you to enjoy your swimming pool.

At Valley Pool Plaster, we offer professional quality pool services and we make sure that the job is done right the first time. We know that nobody wants to make expensive mistakes and we aim to ensure that your swimming pool remodeling project goes as smoothly as possible. Contact Valley Pool Plaster today and find out how we can remodel your swimming pool.