It’s no secret that your swimming pool adds value to a home, that’s why many pool owners invest in finding the best Agoura Hills pool resurfacing service to make sure that their private piscinas are professionally renovated and remodeled. Resurfacing a pool is no easy task. And while it certainly is not rocket science, you wouldn’t trust your pool in the hands of an inexperienced contractor. That said, we’ll walk you through on how you can find the best pool professionals in the business to help give your pool the treatment it deserves.

Not sure about what kind of service your pool needs? Here are a few tell-tale signs that your pool needs to be resurfaced.

Dated Look

Let’s face it, some pool interiors look outdated and may not blend well with your backyard, your deck, or the house your pool sits adjacent to. Some pools look like they came straight out of an old magazine and having your pool resurfaced lets you choose a new pool interior allowing you to give your pool the face-lift it deserves.

Tough Stains

Your pool interior can develop smears and stains for various reasons. Decomposing leaves, twigs, and even dead bugs can cause light stains, especially in pools that use a light-colored interior, like plaster. These stains are usually easy to remove and you can do away with just brushing the surface. However, some stains are tougher than others and will require more than the usual cleaning. Severe algae and mineral stains are usually the ones that are hard to deal with and will require you to seek the help of a professional. These issues are usually addressed by replacing the pool interior altogether giving your pool a fresh look.

Rough Patches

Another reason why you might want to have your pool resurfaced are rough patches. Rough patches are exposed concretes found on the walls and on the floor of your pool. Rough patches emerge when the pool interior peels off when they wear out revealing a rough patch of concrete underneath. These exposed patches of concrete can cause abrasion damaging your swimwear and even scratching off your skin. They pose a safety hazard and should be addressed immediately.

Corroded Grout

Pool tiles are made to stand the test of time and can last considerably longer than other varieties of pool interior, say pool plaster. However, the grout filling the gap between the pool tiles can wear out over time and can affect the structural integrity of your pool tiles. When that happens, it’s best to have your pool resurfaced as the tiles can get loose and become less adhesive compromising the pool interior’s strength and longevity.

Unexplained Loss of Water

It’s normal for swimming pools to lose water. Evaporation and a few other factors like wind strength and climate can also contribute to the loss of pool water. An average-sized swimming pool can lose a quarter of an inch of pool water a day solely because of evaporation. Nevertheless, if you’ve observed that you’re quickly losing pool water, it’s best to contact your contractor as it can be an indication of a leak in the pool. Pool resurfacing can help patch up these leaks and reinforce the structural integrity of your swimming pool.

Now that you know the cues to look out for, let’s talk about what you should consider when hiring a professional.

1. Check Customer Reviews

Nowadays, everything can be accessed online. That said, it’s one of the first places people visit when looking for almost any kind of service – pool resurfacing included. To find the best Agoura Hills pool resurfacing service, check what the available contractor’s previous customers would have to say. Remember that it takes compelling customer service for someone to leave a positive review given that they paid for the service in full. Likewise, it takes quite as bad a service to piss a customer off and leave a negative review. These reviews and rankings are indicative of how well these companies do business, not only in terms of workmanship but also offers a reflection of how they interact with their customers.

We at Valley Pool Plaster are proud of our five-star rating in various online platforms like Yelp. Our company is founded in doing honest, ethical, and fair business and we’re happy that our customers see us for what we are. We’re a family-owned and a family-oriented business and we live to make our customers happy in every project we work on. We aim to earn your trust every step of the way, which is why it’s not uncommon for our customers to become our friends.

2. Check License and Accreditation

It’s important to hire pool contractors who are licensed to carry out the task and services they offer. A licensed pool contractor has met the necessary requirements set by your local government to operate as a business. This also means that they’re registered and that your local government acknowledges their competence as pool contractors. In California, a pool contractor should have, at the very least, four years of carrying out and supervising projects related to swimming pools. They also need to pass a series of tests that include everything from planning and estimation, pool shell and spa construction, pool and spa systems installation, to swimming pool safety features. A C-53 – Swimming Pool Contractor license holder is a competent pool contractor who knows exactly what he’s doing. On that note, you can always ask for their license number and enter that information on the Department of Consumer Affairs Contractors State License Board (CSLB) to check the validity of their license.

We at Valley Pool Plaster, are a licensed business and are backed by skilled professionals. We’re backed by licensed, bonded, and insured pool pros so you can trust that we know how to achieve the best results when it comes to resurfacing your pool. We’ve been working on pools for as long as we know, and at this point, we can say that pool services is our passion.

3. Check Contractor Experience

Find a pool contractor who does not only have the necessary licensure and accreditation, but also one with enough experience to boot. Experience will teach a pool professional the skills and the know-how needed to face almost any kind of issue there is. Under the trained eye of an experienced contractor, some of the signs of structural damage or mechanical damage (in pool equipment) can easily be spotted. Likewise, they will know exactly what to do to resolve these issues for good – or at least offer a solution that will last longer. In the case of pool resurfacing, an experienced pool professional will have developed the skills necessary to effectively and efficiently resurface your pool. From the way the old surface is removed, down to how the new pool interior is applied, in this business, experience matters.

Here at Valley Pool Plaster, we use only tried and tested techniques in resurfacing your pool. We use the chip out method in removing the old interior as it allows us to remove more of the old surface. While the chip out method is usually more expensive and is more taxing compared to new methods like hydro blasting, it allows the new pool interior to have better adhesion resulting in a longer lasting finish. Plus, it’s also the recommended method by the National Plasterers Council (NPC). When it comes to applying the new surface, our team usually applies the interior by hand, especially when it comes to pool pebble and pool tile. Applying the pool interior by hand allows us to pay more attention to detail and offer a hand-made feel to every project we carry out.

We’ve been in this business for well over a decade now and our workmanship speaks for the quality of the service we provide.

4. Check Contractor’s Portfolio

Lastly, check out your pool contractor’s portfolio if they have any available. A portfolio can be a set of pictures from their previous works and could be anything from a before and after picture to simply just the finished project. This will help you gauge the craftsmanship of your pool contractor and will help you decide whether or not they’re the right people for the job. It’s true that beauty is subjective and that different folks have different tastes. Checking out their portfolio is pretty much like getting a sampler of what your contractor is capable of and will significantly help when it comes to making an informed decision. Who knows, you might even see a project they’ve done that you love and use that as a template for your Agoura Hills pool resurfacing service. Finding these portfolios are usually easy as contractors will be proud of the projects they’ve finished and will serve as a reference for potential customers when looking for a contractor.

And that’s it, the basics of hiring a pool professional and some tips to help you decide when to call for help and when to have your pool resurfaced. For more information on pool resurfacing and how Valley Pool Plaster can help you with your pool, contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to entertain your questions.