Owning a swimming pool in Van Nuys is a ‘no brainer’. Thanks to its hot and arid summers, the neighborhood of Van Nuys is home to the busiest of pool seasons. That’s why many homeowners in this area invest in hiring a professional contractor who offers Van Nuys pool remodeling service. And while it’s not as simple as redecorating or rearranging your patio furniture, the benefits of having your pool remodeled outweigh its somewhat pricey, upfront cost. Today, we’ll talk about the things you need to look out for when you need to call a pool professional.

But first, what is pool remodeling?

Pool remodeling is the term used when a pool undergoes some sort of chang, either for aesthetic or for structural purposes. That said, pool owners do remodel their pools for various reasons. Some want to repurpose their pools while others simply want a new look. Here are some of the common reasons pool owners consider pool remodeling. Check them out to see if pool remodeling is for you.

1. Changing the Depth

Your pool can be remodeled to alter its depth. Often in the form of shallowing, this type of remodeling has its own sets of benefits. Not only does it increase pool safety, but it also allows you to use the pool for athletic or therapeutic purposes. Often called as shallowing, decreasing the pool’s depth also makes it more economical because it will require less water and the pool pump will work more easily because there’s less water to filter.

2. Changing the Shape

Another reason to remodel the pool is when you want to change its shape. You may no longer want a circular pool and instead want an oval one. The shape of the pool also has to be in conjunction with its purpose. In the case of lap pools, they’re often rectangular to allow swimmers to run a few laps. For pools going for the classic aesthetic design, Grecian and Roman pools are the way to go. And those who want a spa adjoining the main pool will usually have a figure 8 pool.

Speaking of which…

3. Adding Features

Pool owners also call for professional quality Van Nuys pool remodeling service when they want to add a feature to their pool. These features include anything from the aforementioned spa to other features like water slides, waterfalls, Baja steps, LED lighting, pool bars, and so on. On that note, many pool contractors offer pool remodeling that go beyond the actual pool interior and can include the coping and the pool deck.

Still ‘on the fence’ about having your pool remodeled? Here are a few cues that ‘scream’ you need help from a pro.

Outdated Appearance

While not the most compelling of reasons, updating the looks of your swimming pool would call for the help of professional pool contractors. Although some projects are as simple as rearranging your patio furniture, others go as far as resurfacing the old interior – the chipping out of the old surface and the application of a new one. The aesthetics of your private pool is more than just a luxury, it’s convenience. That said, keeping your pool looking crisp and clean contributes to making the pool more inviting and making it a better place for some rest and relaxation.

Other causes of concern are stubborn stains. These stains can either be organic or metallic in nature. Organic stains are usually caused by decomposing organic matter like dried leaves, broken twigs, and even dead bugs. They can stain the pool interior and will usually smear the surface with the same hue as the organic matter. On the other hand, metallic stains are usually caused by the presence of metal in the pool water. Between the two, metallic stains are harder to deal with and can really ruin the aesthetic quality of your pool. In the same way, the development of algae in the pool water can cause the interior to develop unwanted marks that can be difficult to deal with.

The duration of these projects vary depending on the size of the pool and the amount of work that need to be done. Nevertheless, a remodeling project that involves giving your pool a major facelift can last somewhere around 2 to 6 weeks in coordinating various jobs including the removal and replacement of new tiles, pool pebble, or plaster.

Upgrading the Features

Upgrading your pool’s features is also a good reason to have your pool remodeled. One of the most common features added to backyard pools are spas. A spa can be installed directly adjoining the main pool or somewhere around the deck. A spa provides you with a shallow area where you can rest and relax without having to be concerned about sinking in deep. Spas are usually accompanied by water jets that create a pressurized water stream that makes for the ideal massage power. A pool and spa combo allows for a practical remodeling project because you can swim leisurely in the larger, deeper pool, while the more shallow spa lets you rest and relax while enjoying the benefits of water therapy.

Another upgrade that has become more popular are Baja steps. These pool features are usually found on large and luxurious pools at resorts and hotels. Baja steps are a large shallow expanse that can accommodate pool fixtures like large pool umbrellas and pool furnitures. A Baja step lets you ‘soak up the sun’ with a magazine in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, all in the comfort of your own backyard. This is great for when you’re entertaining guests at home or for when you simply want to unwind.

Obvious Structural Damage

While it may sound more like a repair, many pool owners choose to address structural damages the same time they have their pools remodeled.


Many of the undertakings involved in pool remodeling are similar to pool repair. A good example is pool resurfacing. As we’ve briefly covered above, pool resurfacing involves the removal of the old interior and replacing it with a new one. That’s why one of the most common solutions to a damaged pool interior (spalling, hairline cracks, and peeling of the surface) is resurfacing. Pool resurfacing allows you to restore the damaged structure and replace it with a new surface of your liking. It can be color coordinated with your deck, your house, or it can be of a different tone that it makes the pool stand out. The idea is that you’re ‘hitting two birds with one stone’. You don’t want to be draining out the pool water unnecessarily. Not only is it a waste of water, but it can also potentially harm the interior. Other structural damages that are usually added in pool remodeling include broken tiles, damaged concrete pool deck, and dilapidated pool steps.

These structural damages can also be a safety hazard as swimmers can trip over unlevelled concrete and cut their feet on cracked flooring. Furthermore, the texture of the exposed aggregates on pool interiors, pool steps, and pool decks can wear out overtime causing the non-slip effect of the exposed aggregates to wear off. You don’t want friends, families, nor yourself included to fall and trip over the deck and into the water. That said, you can have structural damage and dilapidation addressed when remodeling your pool. Plus, a good contractor will hint at these structural damages as they can compromise the quality of the remodeled pool and also help you save time and money in the process.

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