The pristine white beaches and the endless Pacific Ocean have long made Malibu the home of the creme-de-la-creme of Hollywood and plenty of other celebrities in the entertainment business.

Apart from having celebrities as your neighbors, there are plenty of reasons to build a house in Malibu, and one of them is that you can chill out in your pool while staring off into the horizon where the Ocean blends into the sky.

Thus if you want to fit in a new pool or renovate the one you already have or have a pool remodeling service done, we have compiled this guide on how to find a Malibu pool remodeling service.

When is it time to get some remodeling done?

1. Your pool seems dirty and smells funky

If you can relate to this, the onus of blame definitely falls on your water filter, which in all likelihood has become clogged. Proper functioning of the water filter is absolutely essential to maintaining the health and hygiene of the water in your pool.

dirty swimming pool - needs pool service

Or it could be that the floor tiles have begun to erode and slime or mold has started to grow on them. Just wear a pair of goggles and inspect the tiles closely to see if this is the issue.

2. The water levels in your pool are fluctuating

If this is your issue, then you need to get a handle on it before the problem gets worse. This problem is caused due to one of two reasons.

Either there is some sort of engineering fault with your pump, which is why it’s not pumping water consistently.

Another reason is that it could be due to a leak in the floor or the walls of your pool. Perhaps the plaster has worn off, or maybe your tiles got eroded. Maybe you just have cracks. No matter what the reason, water is seeping out of your pool and into the ground.

These leaks and cracks must be cemented, and if you notice any cracks whatsoever, it’s best to call in a professional pool plastering service near you as fast as possible.

3. You’re not having fun anymore

Remember how fun it was when you first got your pool installed. You would spend the entire weekend in it, and you just wouldn’t want to get out.

Now, maybe it’s dirty, or maybe there’s mold, or maybe there’s nothing wrong with it, you just don’t feel that inclined to take a dip in it anymore. You’ve begun to take your pool for granted, and a once pleasurable activity has now become very monotonous.

dirty swimming pool - needs pool service 1

It’s time to spice things up. There are many ways to do this and many of the Swimming Pool Remodeling companies in Malibu, CA will give you plenty of ideas.

What does a remodeling company do?

These companies know how to build swimming pools and understand what customers look for. They do regular maintenance of the pools, fix common problems and clean the water and the walls and floor. Most Malibu Swimming pool and Spa Repairs Companies also do remodeling and pool plastering services.

Here’s a quick rundown of the services they provide:

1. Pool draining and cleaning walls and the floor

All the water is drained out using a submersible pump placed at the floor of your pool. This water gets expelled through a hose, taking it out on the street. Depending on the size of your pool, this process can take up to 12 hours. For a spa, the process is usually a lot simpler and faster.

2. Chipping and priming the pool’s surface

If you need to apply new tiles to the pool, you need first to chip out the old ones and then prime the surface. This process is usually pretty loud and takes up to half a day. The pool cleaning team will clean up all the shell and debris from the previous layer of tiles themselves.

3. Installing new tiles

Once chipping is done and you have selected your new tiles, the pool cleaning company applies the grout and then plaster the tiles. If you want a plaster finish, then the pool company will put on tile trims as well. Usually adding new tiles gives your pool a whole new and exciting look.

4. Pool pebble application and flooring

If you want, you can completely redo the floor construction. The best pool companies will have several options for cemented flooring and even pebble application. These processes usually involve trucks which mix plaster and cement and can take quite a fair amount of time.

pool pebble application

5. Creating a chemical balance in your pool water

Your pool water must strike a perfect balance between pH and alkaline levels. Without this right balance, you might get skin infections or problems with your hair and eyes.

Pool Water Chemical Balance

This is a complicated process and depends on the kind of pool you have. It totally depends on whether you’re using plaster or pebble. Water in plastered pools might take a few days to hit the right balance whereas pebble-based pools can reach this balance in just one session of a few hours.  

6. Checking and repairing faulty pool equipment

A pool usually involves a lot of mechanical parts like the water pump or the water heat or the filtration system. All of these components have a limited life span and long hours spent underwater might cause mold or algae to form on them.

A pool repair company usually carries out several tests to ensure proper functioning of all these parts and repairs and replaces these items as per requirement.

7. Pool Remodeling

Finally, a pool remodeling company will know how to breathe new life into your boring, mundane pool. Redecorating your pool is more than simply changing the tiles and cleaning the pool.

The best swimming pool builders in Malibu, CA are well aware that the external environment of the pool is just as important as the pool itself. Does your pool seem dark and dreary? Maybe it’s time to set up a few night lights! Not your style? How about some LED lights, disco lights, or lights inside the pool which keep changing the color of the water?

Maybe you want a more tropical feel to your pool. You could add a few palm trees surrounding the pool and set up a few beach chairs. If you want to make it more fun, you could add in a ramp or a water slide right next to your pool. The possibilities are endless!

Final words

Malibu has a huge number of swimming pool remodeling companies, and you can easily find one. Just be sure to check up their history online – the kind of work they’ve done and the kind of reviews they have. If you can, get in touch with someone who has worked with the company before.