Has it been years that your pool has been yelling for a re-plastering but you refrain from doing it thinking what will it add to your pool? Well, I too thought the same until I got to know about some amazing types of plasters that can be applied while re-plastering a pool. Not only they change the way a regular pool looks, but also have features that perfectly complement a pool. Let us now discuss them in detail.

White Plaster

Also known as macrite, it is the most commonly used form of plaster. Earlier, it was the only plaster in use. It is highly economical as well as has a high durability. It lasts easily for five to seven years. However, its durability is dependent upon water chemistry, the better it is, the longer the plaster sustains. In order to make it more attractive, one can try this- keep the plaster white, install bright colored lights on all sides of the pool. It will look more beautiful.

Colored Plaster

To add more drama to your poolscape, you can get white plaster mixed with different colors suiting your taste and preferences. There is a wide spectrum of colors from which one can choose. Applying the darker plaster colors like grey or black, will add depth to a pool and intensify water’s reflective quality. It will give a natural look of pond to your pool. On the other hand, if you love the cool and refreshing look of pool which conjures you to just take a dive in it, then you must go for lighter shades like aqua blue tint, light grey, light tan dye, bright blue dye, etc.

Aggregate finishes

This type of plaster finish is quite popular these days. It is a simple combination of white plaster with small pieces of granite, quartz, river stones or glass beads. It comprises of two forms: polished and exposed. In case of polished aggregate finish, crushed colored stones are added which augment the look of pool by providing a decorative sheen and simultaneously extending its life by twelve to twenty years. The exposed aggregate finish contains tiny river pebbles or glass beads. Once they are applied, the top layer of concrete is removed by power washing the surface with a mixture of water and muriatic acid and expose the glass beads or pebbles within.

You can choose any one of them depending upon your taste, all are sure to give your pool a refreshing look as well as a long-lasting finish. Happy re-plastering (in advance).