Resurface and Retile in Woodland Hills

Resurface and Retile in Woodland Hills 1

Services: Pool Plastering, Pool Remodeling & Renovation

Project Duration: 2-4 weeks

Resurface and Retile in Woodland Hills

Get the best pool resurfacing in Woodland Hills with Valley Pool Plaster. We offer professional quality pool plaster and pool remodel services that can help bring the beauty of your backyard. In this project, we carried out a full pool remodel using mini pebble and pool tiles. The entirety of the project lasted for two to four weeks. Showcasing one of our best resurfacing services, this Woodland Hills pool was treated to a pool interior that matches the backyard’s panoramic view. We used products from NPT that offered the same quality and longevity like that of more expensive brands like Pebble Tec. The result was an inviting pool with crystal clear pool water.

Benefits of Pool Retiling

While ceramic tiles can be used for just about any applications, pools require something more than the average tile. Pool tiles are designed and engineered to withstand the elements, changing temperatures, and the punishing chemicals in your pool water that can wear down your regular bathroom and kitchen tile. If you’ve been considering using tiles in your pool, here are a few things that might just convince you to give your pool the upgrade it deserves.

  • Increased durability
  • Improved aesthetic beauty
  • Better customizability

Pool tiles offer better longevity and durability versus the average pool plaster. Should you decide to have the entirety of your pool interior replaced with pool tiles, you can expect to enjoy better durability as pool tiles tend to last longer than pool plaster. It’s even regarded as a premium finish, especially for backyard pools, because of the elegant and sophisticated look it emanates. Although they will often be more expensive than the average pool plaster, pool tiles will generally look better and last longer. That’s why it’s the choice material for use in water lines because they are relatively impervious to mineral buildups. The pool’s waterline is usually found under the pool coping and is commonly lined with pool tiles. Pool tiles aren’t just less susceptible to mineral buildups, but are also easier to clean when it catches grime and grunge from the pool water.

Using pool tiles also allows you to enjoy an improved aesthetic beauty as pool tiles add a certain dimension to your pool. Lining the waterline with beautiful pool tiles can work as an accent to elevate the beauty of the pool and the pool water.

Lastly, pool tiles can help provide you with further choice for customization. From a design standpoint, choosing the right tile can help make your pool stand out or have a cohesive design when paired with some elements found in your home. As seen in this project, we used stylish blue tiles to match the pool pebble interior of the pool. This combination draws out the beauty of the clean and refreshing pool water making it look more inviting.

Valley Pool Plaster Best in Pool Tile

Nobody knows pool tiles like we do. We, at Valley Pool Plaster, are backed with professional pool artisans who are updated with the latest trends in pool design. They see the potential in every backyard and bring to life the best in residential and commercial pools. Let’s make your dream pool come true, only here at Valley Pool Plaster.

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