Pool & Equipment Remodel in Westlake

Pool & Equipment Remodel - Westlake

Services: Pool Coping, Pool Heating System Installation, Pump Installation, Pool Remodeling & Renovation

Project Duration: 1-2 months

Pool & Equipment Remodel in Westlake

Pool remodeling goes beyond what the eye can see. We, at Valley Pool Plaster, offer the best pool remodeling in Westlake Village. In this project, we did a full pool renovation including a remote-controlled equipment system. This project took an average of one to two months to complete, which included a whole new equipment system, resurfacing with mini pebble, bullnose coping, waterline tiles, and a stacked stone veneer above the tile.

The Benefits of a Pool Equipment System

Your swimming pool equipment system plays a key role in pool maintenance. Good pool equipment can help your pool run smooth and look good season after season. Having the right kind of equipment brings you peace of mind, knowing that you have an automated system to run the pool water through a filter, your heating system, and in some cases, a saltwater system, allows you to rest easy and focus more on the things that matter.

That said, here are some of the more common features found on a pool equipment pad, just like the ones we’ve installed in this project.

  • Pool pump
  • Pool filter
  • Pool heater

Let’s go over each of these equipment systems and find out how they can be a beneficial feature for your backyard pool.

Arguably one of the most important components in your pool equipment pad is the pool pump. The pool pump is responsible for proper water circulation and feeding the water to other parts of your equipment pad. The pool pump sucks the water from the pool and runs it through the filter and the heater to make sure that it’s kept clean (and warm). Without the pool pump, water will remain stagnant and can be a breeding ground for microorganisms that may disturb the balance of the pool water. That said, one of the main reasons behind algae growth is improper pool water circulation. Pool pumps come in single-speed and variable-speed varieties.

Your pool filter, on the other hand, filters and removes millions of particles (both visible and invisible) from the pool water. Without the pool filter, your pool water can become cloudy and murky instantly. The pool filter works hand in hand with the pool pump as the pump draws water from the pool and feeds it into the filter. Pool filters come in various types like sand, cartridge, and D.E. filters.

As its name implies, the pool heater heats up the pool water to more comfortable levels. This allows you to extend pool season, especially when you live in places with cold weather. This also acts as a tool to safeguard your pool against winter damage. Pool heaters are perfect for homeowners that live with children and the elderly who may not be able to stand dipping in cold water. Like all the equipment we’ve mentioned above, pool heaters come in different varieties. These include gas pool heaters, electric pool heaters, and even solar pool heaters.

Whether you have an in-ground pool or an above ground pool, having a good set of pool equipment can help you maintain your pool even better.

Valley Pool Plaster Best in Pool Equipment

We, at Valley Pool Plaster, offer professional level pool equipment installation and repair. In this project we carried out in Westlake, we installed a full set of pool equipment to keep this pool in pristine condition.

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