Pebble, Tile, and Plumbing in Reseda

Pebble, Tile, and Plumbing in Reseda

Services: Plumbing Services, Pool Plastering, Pump Installation, Pool Remodeling & Renovation

Project Duration: 2-4 weeks

Pebble, Tile, and Plumbing in Reseda

Looking for the best pool resurfacing in Reseda? Here, at Valley Pool Plaster, we provide the best pool remodeling services including pool plaster and pool resurfacing. In this project, we transformed a dated pool that was painted to salvage the old plaster. The owner wanted to give the pool an updated refresh that lasts as good as it looks. The entirety of the project took two to four weeks, which included plumbing services, the installation of new tiles, and pool pebble.

Benefits of Resurfacing Your Pool

Pool resurfacing offers a slew of benefits making it an ideal choice when remodeling your swimming pools. That’s why pool owners dedicate time and money to have their pools resurfaced and even considering these types of projects as part of maintaining their investments. That said, Let’s check on a few benefits of having your pool resurfaced.

  • Addresses underlying issues
  • Offers more customization options
  • Gives your pool a lasting finish

One of the main reasons why homeowners consider pool resurfacing when updating their pools is because it lets them address their pool’s underlying issues. In the case of this project, the old plaster was painted over, which addressed the pool’s cosmetic needs, but cannot provide any answer to other problems like hairline cracks or other structural damages. Some pools may develop damages overtime. These include anything from superficial problems like mineral buildups on the pool’s surface to cracks and crevices on the pool’s walls and floor. Having the pool resurfaced allows pool owners to improve not only the pool’s aesthetic value but also its overall structural integrity.

Pool resurfacing can also be a way for pool owners to enjoy better customization options when remodeling their pool. Compared to pool replastering that usually comes in white and several other colored variations, having the pool resurfaced allows you to use other types of materials like pool pebble and pool tile. In some cases, our customers here, at Valley Pool Plaster, choose to add a shell or a glass mix to the final layer of the pool pebble. This gives the finished project the shine and sparkle you wouldn’t get with your average pool plaster.

As we’ve briefly covered above, pool resurfacing gives you the option of using more durable materials like pool pebble and pool tile. The products we use at Valley Pool Plaster are from some of the best and trusted manufacturers in the industry. On that note, products like NPT’s mini pebble and their line of pool tiles offer better longevity and durability compared to the average pool plaster.

So, regardless if you’re planning to have your pool remodeled with a new look and feel or if you’re just planning to restore its former beauty, having it resurfaced is one of the most practical solutions.

Valley Pool Plaster Best in Pool Resurfacing

You’re at the right place if what you’re looking for is professional quality pool resurfacing services. We offer the best solutions by using tried and tested methods to resurface the pool paired with high-quality materials that last. You can never go wrong with Valley Pool Plaster, sign up with our pool remodeling solutions today.

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