Pebble and Tile in Porter Ranch

Pebble and Tile in Porter Ranch

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Pebble and Tile in Porter Ranch

We’re the go-to contractors for pool owners who want the best pool resurfacing in Porter Ranch. We offer professional-level services that meet, if not exceed, our customer’s expectations. In this project, the pool owner wanted to remodel their pool with materials that can emphasize the outdoorsy feel of their property. That said, we used the best pool pebbles and pool tiles on the market. The finished project offered a stunning pool with inviting waters surrounded by a landscaped backdrop lined with natural stones.

Benefits of Using Mini Pebble

When resurfacing your pool, choosing the right material can make a difference. Using pool pebble over other materials gives your pool a slew of benefits aside from good looks and improved durability. However, if you’re looking for something more, using mini pebbles might be the best way to go. If you’re considering of resurfacing your pool, here are a few reasons why you should be using mini pebble over traditional pool pebble.

  • Smoother with decent traction
  • Looks better under the water
  • Offers tons of customization options

While using mini pebble may present a more expensive upfront cost, its benefits justify its price, which is why many homeowners still choose this pool finish over standard pool pebble.

Mini pebble offers a smoother finish compared to standard pool pebble primarily because it uses smaller pebble stones. This creates a texture that’s finer compared to standard pool pebble, but still offers decent traction when you walk over it. Why is this better? This allows you to walk on pool pebble longer because it feels more comfortable on your feet even when you’re soaked underwater for extended periods of time. On that same note, it still retains its ability to provide traction, so you won’t tip and topple on the pool.

Do you remember watching your favorite shows on your old television and see visible color pixels as you come near the TV? The same can be said with pool pebbles that use larger pebble stones. Using mini pebble can be likened to watching on a newer television with more pixels and have better resolution. The pictures look sharper and the images appear crisper. Mini pebbles appear better underwater with hues that look more natural. Especially if you add an extra layer of glass or shell mix to the final layer, you can see the mini pebble shine and sparkle giving your pool the added dimension and a unique character.

Lastly, mini pebbles offer a wide range of hues that can help with customization. It allows you to select from different hues with varying shades that can help give your pool a cohesive look or let it stand out from the backyard.

Valley Pool Plaster Best in Mini Pebble

Our resurfacing and remodeling services aim to give your pool beauty that lasts. That’s why we use mini pebble from NPT. They boast the same level of aesthetic appeal and durability as more expensive brands like Pebble Tec. These mini pebbles are applied and installed by experienced professionals that are licensed, bonded, and insured. For mini pebble installation services you can trust, contact Valley Pool Plaster.

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