Mini Pebble and Tile in Simi Valley

Mini Pebble and Tile in Simi Valley

Services: Inground Pool Cleaning, Pool Plastering, Pool Remodeling & Renovation, Recurring Services

Project Duration: 2-4 weeks

Mini Pebble and Tile in Simi Valley

Looking for the best pool resurfacing in Simi Valley? We, at Valley Pool Plasters, offer the best pool resurfacing services with the option of using pool tile and pool pebble for your interior. The owner wanted this pool to be remodeled with mini pebble and complementing waterline tiles. We installed mini pebbles from NPT that boast the same level of quality as that of more expensive products like Pebble Tec.

Benefits of Pool Resurfacing

If your pool interior has worn out and has shown signs of physical and structural damage, you’re going to want to have your pool resurfaced. Pool resurfacing is the process of removing the old pool surface (pool interior) and replacing it with a new one. The old surface needs to be removed as the new one cannot just be applied over the old surface. If you’re still on the fence about resurfacing your pool, here are a few tell-tale signs you need to have your pool resurfaced.

  • Hard to remove stains
  • Sudden drops in water level
  • Structural damage

Spotting these signs can help you prevent major damages (and major expenses), here’s what to look out for.

Pool stains are often one of the earliest signs of pool problems. especially for stains that simply can’t be rubbed off. Moreover, pool stains can even mask other pressing issues like algae development and even hairline cracks. That said, it’s critical to spot and monitor pool stains. Generally, these stains can be removed even without having to drain the pool, oftentimes by brushing the walls and the steps of the pool or by rubbing the plaster or pebble with a repurposed sock soaked in chlorine. Otherwise, resurfacing your pool would be the best option.

Another problem you can spot that may call for your pool to be resurfaced is the unexplainable sudden drops in your pool’s water level. If you’ve been noticing that you’ve been needing to frequently refill your pool with water, you might need to check your pool for hairline cracks that cause the pool water to leak. Leakage will not only cause the water level to constantly drop, but also cause the concrete and the soil to move underneath. Although this can take years, the movement in the soil can weaken the base where your in-ground pool sits. This can cause unwanted damage to your pool and your property. That’s why it’s important to have your pool checked during the first signs of leakage.

Lastly, any visible structural damage could call for immediate pool resurfacing. These can be caused by a slew of factors including sudden temperature changes, movement in the soil, and even roots of nearby trees making its way into your pool. Depending on the severity of the damage, it can be addressed by patching solutions or may require for the pool to be replastered.

Regardless of what damage you see in your pool, be it cosmetic or skin deep, pool resurfacing can help you give your pool a new lease in life.

Valley Pool Plaster Best in Pool Resurfacing

Here, at Valley Pool Plaster, we offer professional quality pool resurfacing services. Your pool will be resurfaced by professionals that are licensed, bonded, and insured. Get the service your pool deserves when you choose Valley Pool Plaster.

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