Crack Repair in Encino

Crack Repair in Encino

Services: Pool Plastering, Pool Remodeling & Renovation, Pool Repair

Project Duration: 2-4 weeks

Crack Repair in Encino

Need help with pool cracks? Get the best pool renovation and pool remodeling in Encino with Valley Pool Plaster. We offer the best pool remodeling services to help renovate and rehabilitate old and dilapidated pools. In this project that we carried out in Encino, we had to repair a major crack in the pool. We used a combination of repair methods including the use of overlapping horizontal rebar, staples, and some epoxy injections. It took us a total of two to four weeks to finish the project which includes the pool resurfacing and retiling.

Benefits of Including Pool Repair when Remodeling

Many pool owners sign up for pool remodeling to give their pools a refreshed and updated look. However, others also use this opportunity to address existing issues on their pool from cosmetic ones like stains and mineral buildups to more pressing matters like hairline cracks and structural damage. If you’re considering both repair and remodeling, here are a few things to consider why doing both at the same time makes for a more practical choice.

  • You only have to drain the pool once
  • You can open the pool in season
  • You can address cracks and other damage when you resurface your pool

One of the main reasons why pool owners choose to have problems fixed during remodeling is because they wouldn’t have to drain the pool again. Although it looks simple, draining the pool is a little more complicated – that’s why it’s better to have professionals do it. Why? Here’s an example. We, at Valley Pool Plaster, drain the pool water, and direct it away from the property. That’s because pool water can seep into the soil and cause your in-ground pool to pop-up. The pressure of the water filling the soil and the concrete below pushes the pool upwards. If not done properly, draining the pool can spell serious trouble.

Next, pool repair done in conjunction with pool remodeling allows you to open your pool in time for pool season. Instead of having to wait for another contractor to work on your pool and finish the repair process, you can simply have one complete the task. As seen in this project we took on in Encino, we first repaired the cracks on the pool and then resurfaced the interior, which lasted for only two to four weeks.

Lastly, because most pool remodeling projects include pool plastering or pool resurfacing, you can have damages, like the aforementioned cracks in the pool, repaired in one undertaking. Because you’ve hired the same pool contractor, you won’t have to pay twice the labor fee for different projects.

Whether you’re putting a new finish or planning on customizing your pool, including repairs in your remodeling projects can help you save time and money.

Valley Pool Plaster Best in Pool Repair

We, at Valley Pool Plaster, are experts in repairing everything in your pool. From your equipment system down to the actual physical structure, we can help give your pool a new lease in life. Sign up for our pool repair and remodel services today.

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