If you’re a genuine pool lover, and don’t have a single pretentious bone inside, then the question, whether to go for pool remodeling or surfacing should become a million dollar question for you. Generally, it should depend on the pool’s age and your pool-maintaining skills.

When your pool make it to about 15 years, then the time is surely right for a resurfacing, even if you have put your heart and soul into its maintenance. Resurfacing doesn’t alter the outward appearance much, except that the older interior is chipped out to get replaced with a new one through a simple draining process. Also, it doesn’t dent your pockets too much, and catches the attention of people who don’t want to tinker with the contours of their pool. You can also replace the old plaster surfaces with more durable fiberglass surfaces.

Now, coming to pool remodeling, it’s for people who don’t just want to take a dip into the waters, but want to reflect their lifestyle through their backyard pool. Needless to say, for such luxury you need to spill more bucks. But the flip side is that you will be upgrading your pool in more ways than just refreshing the interior surface. For example, you may want to give it a more organic feel with a waterfall surrounding your pool to pamper your guests even more. Pool remodeling also includes depth conversion for reshaping your diving pool into a full filled play pool for your kids.

It offers the flexibility to modify the equipment and controls that at times may spring up as a necessity. Just think of it, you can automate certain features like turning on valves, or the water chlorinators, without troubling a single muscle of yours.

Which one to go for?

To conclude, if your pool has aged out, and has faced wear and tear beyond measures, then pool remodeling will serve you the best. However, if your pool seems to be pretty much functional, and you are in no hurry to impress your new neighbors, then a simple resurfacing should be your pick, because no matter what, money matters too.