Your pool deck is as important as the pool itself. Not only is it the immediate area surrounding the pool, but it also serves as a component that complements the actual swimming pool. That said, many pool owners invest in upgrading their backyard pools with stunning and breathtaking decks to give their aquatic haven a cohesive look or make their ostentatious pool stand out.

In this article, we’ll talk about 30 pool deck ideas you can use for inspiration when designing or building a deck for your pool.

But before we begin, here are some reasons why you should consider having a pool deck – just in case you’re still on the fence.

  • It offers a space for patio furniture and pool umbrellas.
  • You can entertain guests on your pool deck.
  • Improves and complements the aesthetic value of your pool.

Pool decks have both functional and aesthetic benefits and are reasons why many pool owners invest in installing decks around their pools. Many pool decks serve as lounge areas where you can entertain friends and families who are coming over. Here is where you can serve margaritas and cook barbecues on a grill as most pool decks can accommodate lounge chairs, side tables, and of course, a grill. A pool deck can also provide swimmers a safe and slip-resistant area where they can bask the summer sun without getting their feet wet.

Pool decks also blend in with the style of your pool and your house. Say you’ve got a home with a warm and rustic design, having the right pool deck allows you to incorporate your pool area to the elements of design and engineering that are used in your home. On that note, many homeowners give nearly as much attention to pool decks as the interior design of their houses as well as the interior finish of their pools.

That said, today’s pool decks come in many shapes, sizes, and forms. Pool owners have a wide variety of materials they can choose from when installing a pool deck. Some of the most common are concrete, wood, stone, and tile. Our pool deck ideas will fall into their respective categories based on the aforementioned materials, so we don’t get confused.

Let’s start with concrete pool decks.

One of the most popular choices for concrete pool decks is stamped concrete. That’s because stamped concrete offers a wide selection of patterns and designs by mimicking and imitating the look and feel of various materials. Curious what they are? Here are a few.

1. Wood Stamped Pool Deck

Wood stamping is a type of design that imitates the appearance of wooden pool decks. Today’s wood stamped concrete decks offer a great deal of resembling real wood with the ability to combine multiple wood grains creating a bold and pronounced texture.

Why use stamped concrete instead of real wood? First, depending on your location, wood can be expensive. The availability of wood suitable for pool decking may not be as accessible as the materials used for concrete pool decks. Next, concrete has the potential to last longer than wood which makes it a more practical option when you’re after is durability and longevity.

2. Seamless Concrete Stamped Pool Deck

Seamless concrete stamps give the appearance of a solid piece of stone. If you don’t want any visible lines and crevices on your pool deck floor, seamless concrete stamps are the best option. This goes well with both classic and modern pools because of how beautiful the effect of the seamless design is.

Seamless stamps offer a subtle yet sophisticated texture creating an illusion of a continuous piece of stone rather than having small ones with connecting joints as decks with small stones put together are pretty common.

3. Flagstone Stamped Pool Deck

If you want your concrete deck to look like natural stone, flagstone stamp patterns are the way to go. Flagstone stamps emulate the look and feel of real stone. Many manufacturers get even more precise results with the help of acid stains, pigmented release agents, and color hardeners.

Flagstone stamps can be had in a variety of patterns including random stone patterns and elegant European fan patterns.

4. Brick Stamped Pool Deck

These are pretty straightforward. Brick stamps recreate the look and texture of brick stones and can be had with either smooth corners or sharp corners. Brick stamped concrete decks are often used in conjunction with pools that have brick coping. If your pool sits next to your beautiful brick house, then brick stamped concrete decks are a no brainer.

5. Cobblestone Stamped Pool Deck

A big fan of Italian architecture? Or maybe your house is of an English style and structure? Then a pool deck with cobblestone stamped concrete can give your pool and your home a cohesive aesthetic appeal.

While they’re often used to line driveways and walkways, they can certainly bring the same romantic old-world vibe when used in your pool deck.

Colored concrete is also a great choice when you want a unique concrete pool deck. While stamped concrete offers a wide variety of designs and patterns, colored concrete offers various shades and hues to help you personalize your pool deck. Here are a few good examples.

6. Earth-Toned Colored Concrete Pool Deck

As its name implies, these types of colored concrete pool decks offer a warm undertone and complement most home exterior concepts. Common shades include brown, tan, and terra cotta. Backyards with a rustic and natural look are ideal environments where earth-toned concrete pool decks can easily blend in.

7. White and Sandy Beige Concrete Pool Deck

Want a pool deck that emanates sophistication and opulence? Sandy beige and white tones will work great with your outdoor pool especially because white and sandy beige concrete decks are known not only for its clean looks but also for its ability to reflect strong sunlight keeping the deck and the pool cooler.

8. Gray and Blue Concrete Pool Deck

Blue and gray concrete pool decks mimic gray-blue river rocks that help make the pool area look calming and relaxing. While others may say it’s boring, many pool owners will argue that this type of concrete pool deck helps echo the color of the water and gives the deck a still and tranquil appeal.

Gray and blue concrete pool decks look great in most backyard pools sitting beside a modern house.

9. Multi-Colored Concrete Pool Deck

Do none of these colored concrete pool decks pique your interest? Customizing your deck with the use of multi-colored concrete will surely do the trick. You can mix colors from various colored concretes to achieve that personalized deck.

If patterns and colors aren’t enough, you can play around with various textures for your pool deck. Different pool deck finishes will offer different textures as well as aesthetic appeal. Like the designs and patterns offered by stamped concretes and the hues and palettes of colored concretes, these textures and finishes can be used to match your backyard and your pool.

10. Exposed Aggregate Concrete Deck

The exposed aggregate finish gives your pool deck a non-slip texture with good traction. Because it mimics the look and feel of pebblestones, pool decks finished with exposed aggregate are great with in-ground pools finished with pool pebble. Like the pebblestones used in your pool interior, you’ll also have various choices in terms of size and color when finishing your deck with exposed aggregate.

11. Rock Salt Finished Concrete Deck

Known for its subtle texture and decent traction, rocksalt finished concrete decks allow you to get a speckled pattern on your pool deck that’s similar to that of weathered rock. The good thing about rock salt finished concrete decks is that they’re fairly affordable. This finish is achieved by pressing rock salt grains into fresh concrete and then washing it away.

12. Brushed or Broomed Finished Concrete Deck

Achieving this finish is pretty straightforward. Your contractor will run a brush or a broom over fresh concrete to give it decent traction and texture. As basic as this textured concrete is, it offers a decent level of customization by adding stains and dyes over the brushed concrete.

Next, are wooden decks. While concrete pool decks are known for their durability, wooden pool decks offer a more natural aesthetic beauty to your swimming pool. They work well with both in-ground and above-ground pools and offer various functionalities other than just being a deck. Let’s look at some of the most inspiring wooden pool deck ideas for above-ground pools.

13. Terraced Wooden Pool Deck

Sinking an above-ground pool in a wooden deck is one way to make good use of wood’s flexibility as a material for pool decks. Unlike concrete, wood can be cut, fashioned, and used to achieve a tailored fit for most above-ground pools. A terraced wooden pool deck allows you to enjoy a decent-sized area for setting similar wooden pool furniture and side tables. Terraced decks are often accompanied by stairs that lead to the elevated deck with a wooden terrace fence.

14. Platform Wooden Pool Deck

For those with larger above-ground pools and have no space concerns, setting up a platform wooden pool deck can offer a wider space. You can also put up a small gazebo or some sort of shade on the raised platform in lieu of pool umbrellas. Like terraced wooden pool decks, platform wooden pool decks also have stairs that act as an entry and exit point to the expansive wooden platform.

15. Wooden Pool Deck with Cover

You can install pool covers on a wooden pool deck. Some pool owners have manual pool covers fastened on wooden beams that are kept in place by elastic ropes while others have automatic pool covers installed on their above-ground wooden pool decks. Having a cover for your pool helps keep the pool clean by keeping dead leaves, dried twigs, and bugs away from the pool and offer decent protection from winter damage.

Now for some in-ground wooden pool deck ideas.

16. Wooden Pool Deck with Integrated Seats

Wooden pool decks offer the advantage of multi-functionality thus you can install integrated seats on a wooden pool deck. Integrated seating works well with wooden pool decks, especially those on smaller pools. Pool furniture like lounge chairs isn’t exactly small and compact. Put in a pool umbrella and a side table in your small wooden deck and you’ll find yourself in a crowded room. You can install wooden bench-like seats along the perimeter of your wooden pool deck to save space.

17. Wooden Pool Deck with Hidden Storage

Remember those integrated wooden seats? Yep, you can use them as storage where you can keep cleaning supplies and other things you need on your pool conveniently and neatly stowed under the seats. You no longer have to go back and forth inside the house just to get pool towels because you can just keep them under the integrated seats. You can also keep pillows and cushions clean by storing them inside these storage compartments. You can save space and a few bucks by incorporating seats and storage with your wooden pool deck.

18. Wooden Pool Deck With Outdoor Kitchen

Do you love dishing out snacks or serving drinks to guests in your pool? Well if you’re the kind of host that cooks, having an outdoor kitchen built on your wooden pool deck might just be the upgrade you’re looking for. When barbecues aren’t enough, a small kitchen on a wooden pool deck can help make concocting dishes for your guests a lot easier. It doesn’t even have to be a full-fledged kitchen, just something you can use to prepare a quick bite in between dips in the pool.

19. Wooden Pool Deck with Spa

You can add a hot tub on your wooden deck and have it installed right next to your pool. This allows you to double the use of your space by adding a spa on the wooden deck. Not only can you hang out and use the deck on chilly evenings but a wooden pool deck with a spa lets you extend pool season altogether. The spa can also be decked by the same variety of wood used on your pool deck to give your pool and spa the same look.

Another option to consider when installing a pool deck is pavers. Pavers can be likened to tiles as they are made of small squarish or rectangular pavers that can be joined together to form a pool deck. Pavers come in different styles and materials, including natural stones that emanate elegance and sophistication. Here are some of the best pavers used for pool decking.

20. Clay Paver Pool Deck

Clay paver pool decks provide your pool area a warm look and feel. They maintain the natural hues of clay as clay pavers do not usually have any additives in them that can change its color and appearance. On that note, pool decks with clay pavers offer the natural aesthetic appeal of brick clays.

21. Sandstone Paver Pool Deck

Pool deck pavers made out of sandstone can give your pool deck an earthy light-brown undertone. These types of pavers go well with pools lined with pool pebbles of the same hue. Many pool owners are drawn to the natural allure of sandstone pavers because of their unique feature, sandstones are meant to erode over time. Since they age fairly well, you can expect these pavers to sport a rough and weathered look and feel.

22. Limestone Paver Pool Deck

Beautiful and elegant, limestone pavers exude an air of sophistication that blends well with various pools. Most limestone pavers come in white and tan colors although you can find ones in striking shades of blue, gray, and pink. Unlike sandstone that erodes through time, limestone can handle the elements and maintain its vibrant colors for years to come.

23. Granite Paver Pool Deck

Known for its hardness and durability, choosing granite pavers for your pool deck is a no brainer. They weather well and can stand the test of time making them a practical option if you’re looking for a lasting pool deck. They only come in different shades of gray although some manufacturers add specks of natural stone minerals that can make the granite shine and sparkle.

24. Travertine Paver Pool Deck

Because of its rich red and deep brown undertones, travertine pavers are used on pools and decks that have desert architecture and an arid landscape. Its colors blend well with the surroundings and give your pool area a cohesive look. However, apart from its looks, homeowners use travertine pavers for pool decking because it absorbs water. They also offer traction even when wet. It’s a type of pool deck paver that will look well no matter the weather.

25. Basalt Paver Pool Deck

Basalt pavers offer an elegant look with its deep dark blue and gray colors that create a clean and calm atmosphere when used on a pool deck. Basalt pavers complement a wide variety of designs although they are commonly found in modern swimming pool decks.

Building, renovating, and even remodeling your pool deck can be fun. You can mix and match the aforementioned entries in our list to come up with your own unique design. Here are a few examples.

26. Wood and Concrete Pool Deck

Can’t decide whether to use wood or concrete? Why not both? Many stylish pool decks use a combination of materials and one of the most popular is wood and concrete. You can have concrete line the surrounding pool area and have a floating wooden deck nearby where the lounge chairs are.

27. Pool Deck with a Shower

Yes, you’ve already added a spa on your deck. Why not put a shower? Common decking materials are wood or composite wood.

​28. Rolling Deck or Mobile Pool Deck Terraces

Whoever said pool decks can only be built around the pool was wrong. Enter mobile pool decks. Also known as rolling decks, it’s a clever innovation that allows you to use your pool enclosure into a floating deck or terrace right above your pool. Perfect for small spaces.

29. Deck Jets

For the ultimate backyard resort, you can add deck jects to your pool deck. Deck jets are water effects that are installed on concrete pool decks giving the impression of water magically spurting from the deck and into the pool.

30. Pool Deck Fire Pit

Often found on concrete decks, fire pits can add a cozy atmosphere to your deck. Fire pits are best paired with cushioned furniture with friends and family bunched around the deck. Fire pits make for a great feature that adds function and style to an otherwise mundane deck.

So, there we have it. The best 30 pool deck ideas for your pool. From material-based ideas to the out-of-the-box ones, these are inspirations you can copy this 2020.